Moderate earthquake in El Hierro volcano

Today (27-December-2013) at 17:46 UTC an magnitude 5,1 to 5,5 earthquake took place in El Hierro volcano. The earthquake appears to have taken place out in the ocean. But it did anyway create minor land slides in El Hierro island and move other loose rocks in hills on the island and in rock belts on the island. I don’t know of any damage at the moment.

The earthquake in El Hierro volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to IGN.

Aftershock activity has taken place, with the largest aftershock having the magnitude of 2,7 (automatic results). I am not sure about any more aftershock activity at the moment. There is no sign of any volcano activity at the moment, but that might change in next few hours if this earthquake is a sign of volcano activity. At the moment however that does not seems to be the case. If any eruption is to take place, it would take place deep out in the ocean and not create any harm to anyone (maybe fish). This earthquake seems to have taken place due to stress changes in the area following magma injection into El Hierro volcano.

There is a risk of more earthquakes in the magnitude range of 3,0 to 5,5 in the next few hours to days in El Hierro volcano following this earthquake as stress is adjusted in the crust following this earthquake.

It is important that there are at current time no signs of any volcano activity in El Hierro volcano. That might change (this is a volcano), but for now there is no eruption taking place.

I am going to post more information in a new blog post about the activity in El Hierro volcano as I learn more.

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