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Earthquake activity in Bárðarbunga, Öræfajökull, Langjökull north volcanos

This is going to be a little compressed article. Since I’m currently in Iceland. I’ll be back in Denmark on 18-May. No GVP links now. I don’t think that my laptop can handle it (its slowly turning into … Continue reading

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Earthquake swarm in Hveravellir

Two days ago (13-August-2014) an minor earthquake swarm took place in Hvervellir (volcano). Largest earthquake in this swarm had the magnitude of 2,5. All the earthquakes that happened had depth less then of 10 km. Earthquake swarm in … Continue reading

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Earthquake swarm in Hveravellir

During the night of 6-January-2014 an earthquake swarm started in Langjökull volcano, the northern one. The nearby area is known as Hveravellir geothermal area. So far this has just been a minor earthquake swarm. With largest earthquakes not … Continue reading

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Earthquake swarm in Katla volcano, Kolbeinsey ridge, Hveravellir geothermal area

It has been a bit busy day earthquake wise in Iceland. But there has been more activity today then in past few weeks in Iceland. But it has been really quiet for a long time now in Iceland. … Continue reading

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The dormant volcanoes in Iceland

While all the active volcanoes in Iceland get all the press and coverage. There are volcanoes in Iceland that are not so active and have remain dormant for thousands of years now and currently do not show any … Continue reading

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