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Earthquake activity in Þórðarhyrna, Bárðarbunga and Kverkfjöll volcanoes

Today (03-June-2014) there was a lot of minor earthquake activity in several volcanoes in Vatnajökull glacier. This is normal earthquake activity and so far nothing to worry about. This appears to be normal micro-earthquake activity in this volcanoes … Continue reading

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Harmonic tremor detected in Þórðarhyrna volcano

On the 21-November-2013 there was an earthquake swarm in Þórðarhyrna volcano (part of Grímsfjall volcano). This was not large earthquake swarm or a strong one. With the largest earthquake just having the magnitude of 1,9. While I did … Continue reading

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Minor earthquake swarm in Þórðarhyrna volcano

Today (21-November-2013) an minor earthquake swarm took place in Þórðarhyrna volcano. All of this earthquakes were small, with the largest having just the magnitude of 1,9. Depth of this earthquakes was from 6,0 to 0,1 km. This minor … Continue reading

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Historical eruption of Grímsfjall volcano of the year 1783 to 1785

The year 1783 is something that is going to live in historical memory of the Icelandic people for long time to come. The historical memory of Icelanders still remember the eruption of Laki that took place 229 years … Continue reading

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