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Overview of week 41 activity in Iceland

Week 41 in Iceland was rather quiet, compared to last two weeks in Iceland. Here is a overview over the highlight in the earthquake activity in Iceland. South Iceland Seismic Zone (SISZ) Constant earthquake activity has been in SISZ over … Continue reading

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Strange sounds heard from Herðubreið

Yesterday (6-August-2014) strange sounds were heard from Herðubreið (Wikpedia link). It is unclear what is creating this sounds, it was first thought that a avalanche had taken place, that however doesn’t seems to be the case. Some have suggested a … Continue reading

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New earthquake swarm in Herðubreið

Yesterday (14-May-2014) an earthquake swarm started in Herðubreið, after an earthquake swarm in Heruðbreiðartögl dropped in activity. Both earthquake swarms are currently active. The earthquake activity however drops between as the swarm activity picks up. The earthquake swarm in Herðubreið … Continue reading

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Earthquake activity in Herðubreið is not volcanic in nature

The earthquake activity in Herðubreið during past few days is not volcanic in nature, or magnetic in nature. It is purely tectonic in nature. But the faults that have been moving are vertical, not horizontal as so many earthquake faults. … Continue reading

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Earthquake swarm continues close to Herðubreið. Earthquake activity in Katla volcano

The earthquake swarm that started in Herðubreið two days ago continues. So far over 100 earthquakes have been recorded. Most of them are less then ML2.0 in magnitude. But this earthquake swarm continues at slow rate. This is not a … Continue reading

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Earthquakes in Katla volcano. Earthquake swarm continues close to Herðubreið. Other earthquake activity

This morning there was a short earthquake swarm in Katla volcano caldera. This earthquake looks like a minor dike intrusion did take place this morning. Current series of events did start on 28. April 2012. With a small earthquake event … Continue reading

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Minor earthquake swarm close to Herðubreið

Today a small earthquake swarm started just south-west of Herðubreið. But Herðubreið is a volcano cone formation that erupted during last ice-age. But that eruption did break up trough the glacier. Explaining its shape. The earthquake swarm off Herðubreið. Copyright … Continue reading

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