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Large landslide in east Iceland (Ímatindi, Vaðlavík)

According to Rúv News an landslide fell in East Iceland last week (best guess). This appears to be an large landslide. It did closed down an road close to two abandoned farms in the nearby area. This landslide … Continue reading

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Steam explosion in Kverkfjöll volcano on 16-August-2013

During the night of 16-August-2013 several steam explosions took place in Kverkfjöll volcano. This steam explosions were a result of glacier flood that took place few hours earlier, since under the glacier lake in question are hydrothermal areas … Continue reading

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New mountain found deep west of coast of Iceland

Marine Research Institute (of Iceland) has found new mountain off the coast of Iceland. The mountain is in a plateau in the same area. But it rises up from the ocean floor about 450 meters. The area that … Continue reading

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