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Landslide in Fljótsdal, east Iceland

Yesterday (1-June-2014) a 300 meter wide landslide fell in east Iceland. This landslide did create minor damage for the nearby farm. The total damage is so far 250.000 ISK (1.615,93€, 1.312,13 GBP current exchange rate). The farmer thinks … Continue reading

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Fossil of a tree found in road tunnel work

A long time a volcano erupted in Iceland. This volcano spewed out basalt lava field (Hawaii style). This lava did flow over a forest that was nearby and killing all the trees in it. Few weeks ago and … Continue reading

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Risk of landslides in north and east Iceland at the moment

It is worth pointing out that Icelandic Meteorological Office has put out a warning for landslides in north and east Iceland due to spring melt water and heavy rain on top of that. There have already many landslides … Continue reading

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Few words on my geophone network

I run a small geophone network in Iceland. This geophone network won’t be getting any bigger any time soon. I have two reasons for that statement. I cannot get hardware that I need to build my geophone network. … Continue reading

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Large landslide in north Iceland

Few days ago an large landslide did happen in north Iceland. This landslide did come from the mountain Móafellshyrna. It has been estimated that this landslide is about 300 meters wide and is about 1 km long. Rocks … Continue reading

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Katla volcano geology and features

Here is a short blog post about the geology and the features of Katla volcano. This article is based on science and my knowledge of Katla volcano. It might not be error free and up to date. But … Continue reading

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Quiet days in Iceland geology

Over the past days there have been a quiet streak happening in Iceland geology. This regularly happens and doesn’t mean anything special. This quiet times can sometimes last for up to 10 to 20 days at the longest. … Continue reading

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