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Minor earthquake swarm in Geysir volcano and Presthjúkar volcano

Yesterday (05-February-2014) an minor earthquake swarm took place in Geysir volcano (no GVP information) and in Presthnjúkar volcano. None of the earthquakes where above the magnitude of 2,6. The largest earthquakes did appear on my geophone network and … Continue reading

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The dormant volcanoes in Iceland

While all the active volcanoes in Iceland get all the press and coverage. There are volcanoes in Iceland that are not so active and have remain dormant for thousands of years now and currently do not show any … Continue reading

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Earthquake swarm at Geysir volcano

Tonight at 01:34 UTC (9th of January 2011) a earthquake swarm started at Geysir volcano. So far this earthquake swarm is slow moving, but with the largest earthquake reaching the size ML2.7 at 4.2 km depth according to … Continue reading

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