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Updates to PayPal buttons and new geophone

I don’t want to add long none-volcanic articles to this website. I did not want to do so due to length and the subject in question, so I did write it on my website called “Jón Frímann bloggar” … Continue reading

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Few lost comments

Here are few lost comments that I managed to save. The comments where posted after a copy was made of the website. This might not be all of the comments that might have been lost during this transfer. … Continue reading

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Transfer to a new faster server

Please note that a transfer to a new and faster server is going to take place soon. I am working out few details on that transfer before it happens. The transfer is going to take up to 48 … Continue reading

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Happy new year 2015

I wish everyone a happy new year 2015. I hope that the new year is going to be good.

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Merry Christmas 2014

I wish everyone a merry Christmas 2014 and I hope that everyone have a good holiday.

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Common questions about Bárðarbunga answered #1

This is my attempt to answer the most common questions about Bárðarbunga volcano. I don’t have time to cover all the questions, so this is just the most common questions that I have seen on this website. Along … Continue reading

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Hard drive crash

My main hard drive appears to have crashed. I am not sure what happened. But at least my operation system partion is no longer working. I am using Gentoo Linux as my working Os so my data is … Continue reading

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Earthquake swarm in Grímsfjall volcano

Today (27-March-2014) an earthquake swarm took place in Grímsfjall volcano. This activity is connected to current minor glacier flood from Grímsvötn glacier lake that is now taking place. The glacier flood it self is an minor and is … Continue reading

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Earthquake in Hekla volcano. Deep earthquake in Katla volcano

On the 17-March-2014 at 19:59 UTC an earthquake took place in Hekla volcano. This earthquake had the magnitude of 1,0 and the depth of 9,1 km. I did record it on my geophone just barley, it is possible … Continue reading

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Please remember to support my work

Please remember to support my work here. Without support this website would not exist. Since I only have less than minimal income from Iceland since I am on social welfare. Currently I am broke and I have less … Continue reading

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