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Quiet time continues in Iceland geology

It has been rather quiet in Iceland during past few weeks. This seems to be continuing to some extent. There are few earthquakes and nothing noticeable is taking place in Icelandic volcanoes at the moment. While this quiet time is … Continue reading

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Quiet period ongoing in geology, except in current erupting volcanoes

Everything seems to be quiet in Iceland and around the world. Nothing major is taking place in regards to earthquakes or volcano activity. So I do not have a lot to report on at current time. If this quiet period … Continue reading

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All quiet in Iceland volcanoes and earthquakes

Currently everything is quiet in Iceland. Most of this quietness is mostly due the winter storms that are passing over Iceland at the moment. When this changes I have no idea. But there are always several weeks during the year … Continue reading

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Activity remains low in Iceland. Eruption continues in El Hierro volcano

At the present time the earthquake activity remains low in Iceland. This goes for both Katla volcano and other areas of Iceland. This is the regular quiet time in Iceland, as it happens sometimes. For the next days, there is … Continue reading

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Update on the weekend activity

Iceland This weekend was quiet in Iceland. There was almost nothing going on. There was only one small earthquake swarm in Krýsuvík volcano. But this earthquake swarm was tectonic in nature, not volcanic. The largest earthquake in this earthquake swarm … Continue reading

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Bogus news story going around about Katla volcano

There is a bogus news story about Katla volcano. The bogus news are that Katla volcano is just few days from erupting. This is wrong. At the moment there are no signs that Katla volcano is about to erupt. There … Continue reading

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Quiet time in Iceland in earthquake and volcano activity

Currently there is a quiet time taking place in Iceland. This does happen often in Iceland. Sometimes the quiet days are due to bad weather. But now the quiet seems to be a ongoing and has been for past few … Continue reading

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Back to Denmark in the summer of the year 2012 (off-topic blog post)

This is a off-topic post. So feel free with off-topics thing in the comments. One of the aspect about writing about volcanoes is that it depends on how you feel in the place that you write in. But for me … Continue reading

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Currently all is quiet in Iceland

At the moment it is rather quiet in Iceland in earthquakes and volcanoes. When that might change is impossible to say. But in the last few days there have been minor earthquake swarms on the Reykjanes Ridge. It is not … Continue reading

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Overview of current events in Katla volcano and current status

Here is an overview of the current events in Katla volcano. This is the short version, as I have not had the time to go over all the data collected so far. 12 June: On this day I did notice … Continue reading

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