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Strong earthquake in Japan, small earthquake swarm on Reykjanes Ridge in Iceland and more

Yesterday (14.03.2012) at 09:08 UTC there was an strong earthquake in Japan. The size of this earthquake was Mw6.9 and it had the depth of 10 km. Local tsunami warning was given out for the area closest to the epicenter … Continue reading

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Earthquake activity in France and Iceland

This is an collection post of events that I have been taking place while I was travelling to Denmark. This is just an short update. Not going into great details on what has been happening. France On 26. February 2012 … Continue reading

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Deep earthquakes in Askja volcano. Data on how Japan Mw9.0 earthquake was recored in Iceland

I see that in last week (week 10) that there was a deep earthquake swarm that took place under Askja volcano. This time around the earthquake swarm lasted for about 75 seconds and the depth of this earthquake swarm was … Continue reading

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Special report: Part of Japan moved 4 meters due to the Mw9.0 earthquake

According to BBC News it seems that that part of Japan moved up to 4 meters in the Mw9.0 earthquake. Closest to the epicentre of the earthquake the movement is possibly up to 20 meters, but the movement might have … Continue reading

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Special report: Pre-earthquakes to the Mw8.9 earthquake in Japan

It appears that before the large earthquake that did happen today (11th March 2011) there was a sequence of a pre-earthquakes. The pre-earthquake to the large Mw8.9 earthquake was a Mw7.2 (EMSC data) that took place on the 9th March … Continue reading

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Special report: A Magnitude Mw8.9 earthquake struck Japan

At 05:46 UTC (14:46 local time) there was a Mw8.9 (or up to Mw9.1, it is hard to terminate the exact size of this large earthquakes right away) earthquake in Japan. The depth of this earthquake was registered 24 km … Continue reading

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