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Good chance of Grímsfjall eruption following the glacier flood

According to Icelandic news there is a good chance of a eruption in Grímsfjall. Following the glacier flood from Grímsvötn glacier lake. That is at least the opinion of Páll Einarsson, a geologist at University of Iceland. This is not … Continue reading

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Glacier flood has started from Gímsvötnum

Few hours ago a glacier flood started from Grímsvötnum. But it was only confirmed few moments ago. The flood noise can be seen on following SIL stations around Vatnajökull. Grímsfjall (increased noise) Kalafell (increased noise) This glacier flood is expected … Continue reading

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Expecting a glacier flood and possibly of a eruption from Grímsfjall at any time

According to the Icelandic news today geological scientists in Iceland are expecting a eruption and a glacier flood from Grímsvötnum at any time and without a any warning. But last week they did detect harmonic tremors on the SIL station … Continue reading

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A ML3.4 earthquake at Grímsfjall volcano

At 03:19 UTC there was a ML3.4 earthquake at 2,5km depth at Grímsfjall volcano according to the automatic SIL system that Icelandic Met Office has. This earthquake does not appear to be a after effect of the ML4.0 earthquake at … Continue reading

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Magnitude ML4.0 earthquake hits Blöndulón

Over the past few days (since 26th of October 2010) there have been earthquakes happening at Blöndulón. This earthquakes are intraplate earthquakes and it unclear why these earthquakes are happening. At 02:35 UTC a earthquake with the size of ML4.0 … Continue reading

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Off-topic discussions for weekend 43

This is the off-topic discussions for the Weekend 43. Everything volcanic or earthquakes around the world. Let the discussions begin.

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More intraplate earthquakes north of Langjökull / Hofsjökull volcanoes

Earlier this night (around 19:19 UTC 28th of October) more intraplate earthquake did start happening north of Langjökull / Hofsjökull volcanoes. The earthquakes are in the same place as before. But please see my earlier post for information about the … Continue reading

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Eyjafjallajökull eruption officially over

According to Iceland Review Online the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull is officially over. But it remains to be seen if the eruption restarts like did happen in 1821 to 1823 eruption in Eyjafjallajökull. Iceland Review Online news. Eruption in Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull … Continue reading

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Intraplate earthquakes in Iceland

I see this morning that there are intraplate earthquakes north of Hveravellir. Intraplate earthquakes sometimes happen in Iceland, they also happen in earthquake swarms that can grow quite big. Both in size and numbers. Intraplate earthquakes in Iceland happens on … Continue reading

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Strong earthquake swarm on Reykjanes Ridge

Few moments ago (around 20:15 UTC) a strong earthquake swarm started on Reykjanes Ridge. This earthquake swarm is deep on the Reykjanes Ridge. Strongest earthquakes so far are ML3,1 on Reykjanes Ridge. I am going to post updates as the … Continue reading

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