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Krísuvík volcano starts to inflate at fast rate

There is currently no shortage of volcano news coming from Iceland at this moment. The newest volcano to make the news is the Krísuvík volcano. Small area of Krísuvík volcano have been inflating during the last few months with following … Continue reading

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Small streams around Hekla volcano dry up

According to Icelandic news there is little water in small streams that come from Hekla volcano. This lack of water in streams from Hekla volcano is often looked as indicators that a eruption is going to happen in coming months. … Continue reading

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Large earthquake swarm at Herðubreið

A earthquake swarm that started out small earlier today has grown and is now a earthquake swarm with considerable size. According to automatic data from IMO and the SIL network the largest earthquakes have reached ML2.2 in size. This area … Continue reading

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Geophone network computer update complete

I have finished updating the geophone network computer. Everything is now back to normal and the webicorders should now update normally. There are minor issues remaining on my geophone network computer. But that is related to lack of hard disk … Continue reading

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Upgrade to the geophone network computer

I am going to perform a system upgrade to the Geophone network computer tonight. This upgrade is simple. I am moving from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. This update should not take any longer then 2 to 5 hours if … Continue reading

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A magma related earthquake at Hamarinn volcano

The earthquake that happened this morning at Hamarinn volcano appears to have magma signature in it based on what I see in my own wave data. The size of this earthquake was ML3.5 according to automatic SIL data. The automatic … Continue reading

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Quiet time in earthquakes around and in Iceland

Currently there is a quiet time taking place in Iceland. This sometimes happens. It does not mean that all activity has stopped. But it just means that the most of the earthquakes that are taking place are so called microearthquakes … Continue reading

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Continued earthquake activity under Blöndulón and in Esjufjöll volcano

It appears that the earthquake activity at Blöndulón and in Esjufjöll volcano has not stopped completely. The earthquake activity at Esjufjöll volcano started on the 20th of October 2010. The first week there where about 70 earthquakes recorded by Icelandic … Continue reading

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Advertisement is now live on the blog site

As you may have noticed. I have placed two ads from Amazon (as Google Adsense was not working) UK on my web site. I try to have ads as low key as I can have them. I am going to … Continue reading

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Are Esjufjöll volcano starting to inflate ?

I have been monitoring the GPS station at Grímsfjall volcano. After the earthquakes that took place in Esjufjöll volcano few weeks ago something interesting started to happen at that GPS station. It started to move in north direction. Due to … Continue reading

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