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Happy new year 2011!

Since the new year starts at different time for people reading my blog. I want to wish everyone a happy new year 2011! My new years break that I going to take is going to last from 31. December 2010 … Continue reading

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A small ash plume over Eyjafjallajökull volcano today ?

A few of my readers reported today in comments that they did see a small ash plume or something of that nature today over Eyjafjallajökull volcano. While I stress that this is still unconfirmed at this stage it might well … Continue reading

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Update on the activity over the Christmas

Here is a short update on what did go on in Iceland over the Christmas. In all there where few earthquakes in Iceland during Christmas. The main reason for this was a major storm that started in south Iceland on … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to all my readers world wide

I wish all my readers world wide a merry Christmas and I hope that they have a good time in the holidays.

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Last activity update before Christmas and Christmas stuff

Here is the last activity update before Christmas starts. As I did expect a deep earthquakes have started again under Eyjafjallajökull volcano. So far the main depth is about 10 to 15 km. So far nothing indicates a immanent eruption … Continue reading

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Inflation starts again in Eyjafjallajökull volcano

After a few months of a period of stability in Eyjafjallajökull volcano after the eruption ended on the 28th of May 2010. There seems to be more instability starting again in Eyjafjallajökull volcano. This instability can so far only be … Continue reading

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Eyjafjallajökull volcano ash moves in the strong wind

In the news today here in Iceland there is a small news about the volcano ash moving from the strong northern wind that is currently taking place in Iceland. Today NASA took a good picture from this in orbit. This … Continue reading

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Krísuvík volcano / Kleifarvatn lake static image

Here is a image from Icelandic Met Office about the earthquakes that have been taking place in Krísuvík volcano over the past few weeks. This plot shows the latest 15 days. This image is from Icelandic Met Office. Copyright belongs … Continue reading

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The Hekla volcano system earthquake last night

Here is a high resolution image of the Hekla volcano system earthquake yesterday. The earthquake was located in south-east part of the Hekla volcano system. But that area has been having earthquakes for few months now, starting few years ago. … Continue reading

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Sadly, no new geophone station at Thorgrimsstadir today

Due to technical and space issues. I am not going to setup a new geophone station at Thorgrimsstadir today. Currently I am looking for a new location for the new geophone station in the area of Hvammstangi with the people … Continue reading

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