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More on the Almannagjá fissure depth increase (Thingvellir)

The evening news on Rúv did show video of the fissure in Thingvellir. The fissure it self appears to be a extension of the current fissure named Almannagjá. That fissure is old. But this formation appears to be fresh. But … Continue reading

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A new fissure starts to form in Thingvellir National Park (Almannagjá)

According to a news on Rúv. A new fissure has opened in south part of Almannagjá. It is not clear when this fissure started to form, but it looks to have formed in rather recent time (years?). But this fissure … Continue reading

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Changes in Grímsfjall volcano

Few days ago changes started to happen in Grímsfjall volcano. It is hard to describe this changes. But they appears to be changes in harmonic tremor levels in Grímsfjall volcano. But they appears to be above background levels and the … Continue reading

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A minor earthquake swarm in Krýsuvík volcano

At 20:41 UTC (28. March 2011) a minor earthquake swarm did start in Krýsuvík volcano. This earthquake swarm is small and no earthquake has gone over the size ML2.0. All the earthquakes recorded so far have rather poor quality in … Continue reading

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False alarm at Grímsfjall volcano [updated]

I really did think that something was going on at Grímsfjall volcano today. There was something going on. But whatever it was. That does not appear to be volcanic or related to any volcanic activity so far. Most likely this … Continue reading

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Strong earthquake swarm north of Kolbeinsey Island

There seems to be a rather large earthquake swarm taking place north of Kolbeinsey Island. This earthquake swarm started earlier today (24. March 2011). But do to how far it is away from the SIL monitoring network it is hard … Continue reading

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Little information about Snæfellsjökull volcano on the Snæfellsnes peninsula

It is a quiet time in Iceland with just 132 earthquakes recorded last week. While that is happening. I am going to write about volcanoes in Iceland that are less known, but remain dormant for the moment. This time around … Continue reading

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One year ago since Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption did start in Fimmvörðuháls

This day exactly one year ago a eruption started in Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland. The first phase of the eruption was a Hawaiian type eruption that took place in Fimmvörðuháls. But that area is glacier free and is part of … Continue reading

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Deep earthquakes in Askja volcano. Data on how Japan Mw9.0 earthquake was recored in Iceland

I see that in last week (week 10) that there was a deep earthquake swarm that took place under Askja volcano. This time around the earthquake swarm lasted for about 75 seconds and the depth of this earthquake swarm was … Continue reading

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Special report: Part of Japan moved 4 meters due to the Mw9.0 earthquake

According to BBC News it seems that that part of Japan moved up to 4 meters in the Mw9.0 earthquake. Closest to the epicentre of the earthquake the movement is possibly up to 20 meters, but the movement might have … Continue reading

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