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Minor harmonic tremor in Katla volcano

There seems to have been minor harmonic tremor in Katla volcano this evening. This harmonic tremor seems to have started after a ML0.7 earthquake with the depth of ~3.7 km did happen inside the Katla volcano caldera. Last harmonic tremor … Continue reading

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Iceland government to increase monitoring and research into Iceland volcanoes

Iceland government did approve today to increase funding for research into Iceland volcanoes. But this is also part of a plan for a risk assessment for volcanoes in Iceland. But it is expected that this research is going to take … Continue reading

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Earthquake close to Hekla volcano. A earthquake swarm in Katla volcano

This has been a busy weekend in earthquakes, more then I was expecting. Here is a minor write up on the activity so far. Hekla volcano: A ML2.4 earthquake did happen close to Hekla volcano at 07:30 UTC. Depth of … Continue reading

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Earthquakes in Öræfajökull volcano

I do not have a time for long blog post about this at the moment. But here is a short overview of earthquake activity in Öræfajökull volcano. Since the year 1991 there have been total of three earthquake swarms (with … Continue reading

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The importance of good science in geology (and other fields too)

I am not going to make this a long blog post. I know that many of you find that I have been unfair when it comes to deal with certain ideas about geology and how it works. The truth however … Continue reading

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Few points about Iceland geology

Here are few points about geology in Iceland (just because I cannot sleep at the moment). This is also a offshoot of this blog post here. The basic thing that needs to be known about Iceland is the fact that … Continue reading

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Minor earthquake swarm in Öræfajökull volcano

Since early this morning there has been a minor earthquake swarm in Öræfajökull volcano. This earthquake swarm is so far just minor one, with the largest earthquake being ML2.0 at 4.3 km depth. This earthquake swarm is most likely due … Continue reading

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Few right and wrong things about geology in Iceland, part 1

I have seen many speculations on how geology works in Iceland. Some of it is good and based on observation and factual basic. Other however is nothing but speculation and far from anything based on factual evidence on how geology … Continue reading

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Katla volcano earthquake last night

Last night there was a earthquake with the size ML2.3 and with the depth of 1.3 km inside the caldera of Katla volcano. This earthquake might well be just part of the normal summer and autumn earthquake activity in Katla … Continue reading

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A ML3.7 (automatic size est.) earthquake happens on Reykjanes, close to town called Grindavík

A earthquake that had the automatic size of ML3.7 did happen at 22:14 UTC on the Reykjanes. This earthquake was only 2.6 km away from a town in called Grindavík. The earthquake was felt well in town according to reports … Continue reading

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