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Minor earthquake activity in Iceland

During the past few weeks it has been quiet in Iceland. Really quiet, with almost nothing going on. It is still like that to some extent. So this is just a short overview of the small activity that has been … Continue reading

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Grímsfjall volcano continues to prepare for a new eruption

As I did mention in a blog post from 16. January 2012. Grímsfjall volcano is preparing for a new eruption. That progress has not slowed down at all. I am rather sure that the eruption prepare progress in Grímsfjall volcano … Continue reading

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Pictures of a old volcano rift zone

Here is a picture of what remains of Snæfellsnes – Húnaþing Rift zone. But this rift zone was activity about 4 million years ago. I do not know why this part of the rift zone is visible. But it seems … Continue reading

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List of known eruptions in Grímsfjall volcano and connected volcanoes

Here is an list of eruptions in Grímsfjall volcano and Þórðarhyrna volcano based on data from Global Volcanism Program and documented eruptions. In most cases, eruptions that took place in the early 10 to 16th century are poorly documented if … Continue reading

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Historical eruption of Grímsfjall volcano of the year 1783 to 1785

The year 1783 is something that is going to live in historical memory of the Icelandic people for long time to come. The historical memory of Icelanders still remember the eruption of Laki that took place 229 years ago. This … Continue reading

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Going back to being Iceland volcano and earthquake blog from midnight (21.03.2012)

One of the lessons in life is that something you do does not always work, this is what I learn from when it comes down it. Sometimes it does not work first time around, sometimes it does work second time … Continue reading

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Strong earthquake in Mexico, early size is estimated at Mw7.6 (EMSC)

At 18:02 UTC there was an earthquake with the size of Mw7.6, it had the depth of 20 km according to EMSC. This size estimate is based on early data and is a subject to a change. Regional view of … Continue reading

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Quiet period ongoing in geology, except in current erupting volcanoes

Everything seems to be quiet in Iceland and around the world. Nothing major is taking place in regards to earthquakes or volcano activity. So I do not have a lot to report on at current time. If this quiet period … Continue reading

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Continued earthquake activity in El Hierro volcano

While the eruption in El Hierro volcano ended some time ago, there has been an constant earthquake activity ongoing in El Hierro volcano. While this earthquake activity has not been in high volume at the moment. It has been deep. … Continue reading

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Strong earthquake in Japan, small earthquake swarm on Reykjanes Ridge in Iceland and more

Yesterday (14.03.2012) at 09:08 UTC there was an strong earthquake in Japan. The size of this earthquake was Mw6.9 and it had the depth of 10 km. Local tsunami warning was given out for the area closest to the epicenter … Continue reading

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