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Earthquake swarm in SISZ this morning (31.07.2012)

This morning there was an earthquake swarm in SISZ. This earthquake swarm was located just south of Hveragerði and Selfoss town. The largest earthquake in this earthquake swarm had the magnitude of ML1.3. Most of the other earthquake … Continue reading

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Donations for replacement geophone hardware needed

I have been having some issues with one of my new geophone station. This is the geophone station at Skeiðflöt. That geophone station monitors the activity in Katla volcano. So if anything happens in Katla volcano. I am … Continue reading

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Fish dying in Kleifarvatn lake due to increasing toxic and hydro-thermal activity

According to Icelandic news today. Fish has been dying in Kleifarvatn lake. But Kleifarvatn lake is inside Krísuvík volcano system. The exact reason why the fish is dying is not known at this point. But report suggests that … Continue reading

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Earthquake swarm on TFZ and in Þeistareykir volcano

This is going to be short blog post. Earthquake east of Grímsey Island Earthquake with the magnitude of ML3.5 (estimate) did take place at 19:48 UTC. This is normal tectonic activity for this area. But this area of … Continue reading

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Quiet in Iceland earthquake wise

Currently it remains quiet in Iceland in terms of earthquakes and other geological activity. I am using that chance to have a bit of summer break. I am also going to move in August, so there is that. … Continue reading

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Iceland hotspot history of past ~65 million years

Here is an short history of the Icelandic hotspot for the past 65 million years. But it is believed to be around that old. Based on current studies into it. Iceland hotspot during past ~65 million years. Copyright … Continue reading

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Small glacier flood from Mýrdalsjökull glacier (Katla volcano)

According to Rúv News this evening. A small glacier flood started flowing from Mýrdalsjökull glacier (Katla volcano) few days ago. According to local farmer in the area. Glacier floods like this are common and several have taken place … Continue reading

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Minor earthquake swarm in Katla volcano

This Sunday is not quiet when it comes to earthquake activity in Iceland. Earlier today a small earthquake swarm started in Katla volcano. The largest earthquake in this swarm had the magnitude 2.3 according to the automatic SIL … Continue reading

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Earthquake swarm in SISZ continues

The earthquake swarm that I wrote about yesterday (7. July 2012) in South Icelandic Seismic Zone (SISZ) continues. The largest earthquake so far has reached magnitude 3.1. The earthquake swarm has been ongoing for almost three weeks now. … Continue reading

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Earthquake activity in Katla volcano and on SISZ

It has been quiet for the past weeks in Iceland. I do not know if that is changing. But this is the short update of what has been taking place in Iceland earthquake wise during this quiet period. … Continue reading

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