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Earthquake swarm on Kolbeinsey Ridge yesterday (30.08.2012)

Yesterday (30.08.2012) there was an earthquake swarm on Kolbeinsey Ridge. But earthquakes have been taking place there for several weeks already. This earthquake activity seems to be growing in number of earthquakes swarms taking place. In the year … Continue reading

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Glacier flood confirmed from western Skaftárkatli cauldron

Today (30.08.2012) an glacier flood was confirmed from the western Skaftárkatli cauldron. This glacier flood is small as expected. But it did take several days longer to appear from Vatnajökull glacier then expected. Some hydro-thermal activity in Hamarinn … Continue reading

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Two earthquakes in Jan Mayen today (30.08.2012)

Today (30.08.2012) Jan Mayen was hit by two earthquakes. The second earthquake was not an aftershock of the first one. But it remains an question if it was triggered by the first earthquake. The first earthquake had the … Continue reading

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Earthquake in Brennisteinsfjöll volcano / SISZ earthquake zone

Today (30.08.2012) at 11:59 UTC there was an earthquake with the magnitude of ML3.8 (4.2Mw) in Brennisteinsfjöll volcano / SISZ. But SISZ overlaps this area to some extend. So large earthquakes do happen in this area of Iceland … Continue reading

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Low earthquake activity in Iceland

This is not going to surprise anyone how read this blog on regular basis. But earthquake activity and volcano activity in Iceland is minimal those past days. As it has now been for past several weeks. This has … Continue reading

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Deflation stops in Krýsuvík volcano

According to Rúv News today. Deflation has stopped in Krýsuvík volcano. But this is the latest chapter in inflation and deflation episodes that have been taking place in Krýsuvík volcano during the past three years. It is unclear … Continue reading

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Still no glacier flood in Skaftá glacier river

For reasons that are unknown. No glacier flood has yet taken place in Skaftá glacier river. Even if the western Skaftárketill cauldron in Vatnajökull glacier has emptied. It is now expected that Hamarinn eastern cauldron is going to … Continue reading

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More fine ash in the volcano ash cloud from Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption then predicted (2010)

Rúv News had an interesting news bit about Eyjafjallajökull volcano this evening. It was about the eruption that took place in the year 2010. While Europe did not get a lot of volcano ash as expected. The amount … Continue reading

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Glacier flood has started from west Skaftárketill cauldron in Vatnajökull glacier

Yesterday an glacier flood started form west Skaftárketill cauldron. But that is an hydro-thermal area inside Hamarinn volcano (Bárðarbunga volcano system). The glacier flood is expected to be small. Last year in July there was also an glacier … Continue reading

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New earthquake swarm in Katla volcano

This morning at 07:03 UTC on 21. August 2012 an earthquake swarm started in Katla volcano. This earthquake swarm lasted for few minutes with the last earthquake taking place at 07:50 UTC. No harmonic tremor was detected following … Continue reading

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