All quiet in Iceland at the moment

Over the past three weeks things have been mostly quiet in Iceland. With no major activity taking place. There have been few magnitude 3,0 and above earthquakes. Over the past three weeks the average number of earthquakes over 24 hour period is just 10 earthquakes. This is based on my automatic counter and it has slightly lower number than manually checked earthquakes. Icelandic Met Office says there are around 300 – 400 earthquakes taking place in Iceland during the week (1200 earthquakes at month).

The earthquake activity in Iceland at the moment. All quiet at the moment. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

It is not possible to know for how long this quiet period is going to last. Its already been three and almost four weeks already into this quiet period. All that can be done now is to wait and relax a little.


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  1. Mike Ross says:

    Just a note: if anyone is having trouble getting into the English site just use the Icelandic site: – You don’t really need Icelandic to hack it; the information is in pretty much the same places.

  2. Gizmo says:

    The weather is calm and cold in Iceland at this moment.
    My question is, what are all these tiny spots on Godabunga and on Austmannsbunga drumplot? Both are showing the same pattern, so I guess there is really something.
    Looks like microquakes (?) beginning in the afternoon today, Nov, 4th.

    • Most of those are earthquakes. This suggests that more earthquake activity is happening than appearing on the Iceland Met Office maps. This happens when only two or just one SIL station records the earthquakes, a minimum of three or four SIL stations are needed to give a good earthquake location and depth.

  3. James says:

    Some stuff going on at Surtsey!

    • This is far outside Surtsey – Vestmannaeyjar Island volcano system. I don’t know if there is a volcano at this location, might well be since it is at the south end of the expanding east-volcano rifting zone.

  4. There has been a little upsurge in volcanic activity both around Katla and in Bárðubungu who now has a green star. The conductivity rating of Múlakvísl is currently at 184.2 and this has been consistently above 150 for weeks. I just wonder how usual this kind of prolonged raise in conductivity is?

  5. Solli says:

    I found it very interesting that close to Öræfajökull there was a little earthquake fiasco last night and this morning, really unusual for that volcanic system and they were pretty shallow for such a large volcanic system. alongside the increased activity in Katla and Hekla this morning.

  6. Scots John says:

    Three in Hekla, notorious for not giving many signs!

  7. Kovich says:

    Hekla, Katla, Esjufjoll and Bardarbunga show signs of magmatic activity.
    Interesting Esjufjoll..

  8. Jenneke says:

    Jon, can you tell us anything about Esjufjoll? I did google ? and found something about a eruption in 1927, but unceetain. Is there more known about this volcano? Thanks!

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