New earthquake swarm in Krýsuvík volcano

The quiet time did not last long. But it appears that a new earthquake swarm has started in Krýsuvík volcano. So far this earthquake swarm is just a minor one. But it is hard to know how this develops in the next hours. But it is worth keeping a eye on how this earthquake swarm is going to develop. This earthquake swarm has been in ongoing since 13:13 UTC today (10. Mars 2011), but this is a slow earthquake swarm and does not have had many earthquakes over the past few hours.

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  1. Vedur says:

    Jamm, alveg sex smá skjálftar frá hádegi í dag. Ættiru ekki að vera einbeita þér frekar að fjáröfluninni.

    10.03.2011 20:29:47 63,877 -22,157 4,5 km 0,8 47,62 4,6 km VSV af Krýsuvík
    10.03.2011 20:01:04 63,945 -22,016 4,7 km 0,7 86,71 6,8 km NNA af Krýsuvík
    10.03.2011 18:23:32 63,933 -22,011 7,1 km 0,5 88,14 5,7 km NNA af Krýsuvík
    10.03.2011 16:15:51 63,939 -22,013 5,6 km 0,8 99,0 6,3 km NNA af Krýsuvík
    10.03.2011 14:41:24 63,879 -22,134 6,4 km 0,4 99,0 3,5 km VSV af Krýsuvík
    10.03.2011 13:13:27 63,896 -22,127 6,1 km 1,8 99,0 3,2 km VNV af Krýsuvík

    • We speak English here. You are also forbidden to use other people or companies names if you don’t represente them. In this case I know that you don’t have any connection with the Icelandic Met Office.

      Here is a translation of what “Vedur” said. Approx translation.

      “Jamm, just six minor earthquakes from noon today. You should be focusing more on your fundrasing.

      list of earthquakes…”

  2. Seattlite says:

    Any thoughts on the GPS readings from the 3 GPS stations near Krýsuvík? It looks to me like MOHA and SELC are moving in opposite directions, which would indicate spreading between the two sites?


    BTW. I found this map of GPS stations, which I hadn’t seen linked here before. It will help to visualize the locations.

  3. jonbragi says:

    i think this “Vedur” person does not know your situation Jón! and has more interest in writing negative blog-comments than really discussing latest earthquakes.

    keep up the good work Jón F and i do hope your financial situation will get better 🙂

  4. Jose Luis says:

    While lands are peaceful by Iceland, Sakura-jima (Japan) is a little more active

    • Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

      What does this mean, Hekla is swelling?

      • Stefan says:

        Thats not so concerning at all, the strainmeters were down in the -20’000 range a few days ago. this looks purely like changes in atmospheric pressure (weather). I think what we should look out there is:

        As long as BUR and STO behave similiar, theres nothing going to happen. When Burfell takes the Opposite direction of STO, then we should watch out.

        why do i think this? some days ago someone posted a link with a picture of the MET office during the hekla eruption in 2000. There you could clearly see the strain”lines” of STO and BUR. but what i dont know is why the strainrates for HELLA are changing that much and that often (something going on in the SIZ)

    • Treacleminer says:

      Looks like an equipment failure to me.

  5. Lurking says:

    Not real good with the strainmeters…. did STO exist prior to the last eruption? I know BUR did. BUR was the one that took off in the run up to the last eruption.

  6. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Hey when I was in Reykjavik I went to this volcano show with this guy who had been filming them all his life, he is quite old now. What was his name again and are those movies online at all?

    They were quite interesting too. Maybe you can work for him :P?

  7. Pieter says:

    The Japan earthquake created nice spikes on tremor graphs.

  8. Jack @ Finland says:

    M8.9 near japanese coast, large tsunamis observed…

    • Bridget says:

      Very bad situation. I have family in Tokyo who are thankfully Ok, but need to spend the night in the park as it is too dangerous to go back indoors. They have had at least 12 aftershocks so far, most of which have been mag 6+.

  9. Brenda Fay says:

    Here is a link to the news from msnbc, U.S.

  10. Job Tammens says:

    Warnings for a nuclear situation in the northeast of Japan about half an hour ago. (Euronews)

  11. Job Tammens says:

    Another 7.9 in Japan.and

  12. This earthquake falls under my special rules. I am going to cover it here on this blog. I am going to make a special blog post and post wave information on this earthquakes in few shorts moments (I did wake up, hoping for a day off).

    • Kultsi says:

      Jón, apparently Mama Nature does not approve of your days off… 😉 – and her payscale is lousy.

      Seriously, this quake is a bad one.

  13. The earthquake can be seen here on USGS plots and plots from people around the world.

    This earthquake was recorded on all my geophones, even the one I have here in Denmark.

  14. RonF says:

    One thought in my naive simple brain is > are there implications for the pacific plate given the strain already bearing on the Cascadia Sub Zone and the San Andreas area. I’m sure its too far to have an immediate effect.

  15. A blog post about Japan earthquake is up.

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