Earthquake activity in Katla volcano

On Friday 22-July-2017 and on Saturday 23-July-2017 earthquake swarm activity took place inside Katla volcano caldera. Largest earthquake on Friday 22-July was magnitude 3,1 and on Saturday a magnitude 3,2 earthquake took place. Before and after the main earthquakes a swarm of smaller earthquakes took place.

The earthquake activity in Katla volcano during the last 48 hours. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Interesting earthquake activity has been appearing in the south-west part of the caldera. That area had a minor eruption in 1999 (lasted for ~6 hours maybe). This is directly above Sólheimajökul glacier (tourist attraction). Currently Katla volcano is quiet but that can change without warning given recent history of earthquake activity in the volcano.


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  1. Z says:

    Katla is looking a bit restless today. Although
    none of it has been listed/registered at

  2. Jenneke says:

    She indeed does. Now also many small eartquakes…

  3. I was talking to Icelandic Met Office (person on current shift) and as many have noted. There have been many small earthquakes today taking place in Katla volcano. Some of those earthquakes are so small that Icelandic Met Office has problem locating them properly.

    There is clearly something going in Katla volcano at the moment.

  4. Bjay12 says:

    hmmm I think you should slowly getting ready if u live near katla

  5. The raw output of earthquakes can be found here.

  6. Saara R says:

    Earthquake activity in the region has been higher than it was last summer (note that July isn’t over yet, I’m personally pretty confident that the activity in July ends up being higher than it was last July). Most of these earthquakes are from Katla.

  7. sf says:

    Going to Iceland in 48 hours don’t know whether to be excited or scared

    • Stu Schaffner says:


    • WurzelDave says:

      I’d be exicited.

    • Henk Weijerstrass says:

      Sf, you should be excited; even if Katla erupts, there are so many beautiful and safe places on Iceland where you can admire the natural wonders.
      Remember: when Katla erupts, it’s not the first eruption on Iceland and never (in my knowledge) has any tourist be wounded or killed during an eruption, thanks to the very refined warning system, setup by the icelandic MET office (seismometers/gps). And lets not forget the emergency plans the icelandic authorities have ready in case an eruption should occur.

  8. Z says:

    The gigantic popcorn maker seems done for now.

  9. There continues to be a earthquake activity in Katla volcano. Most of it appears to be really small and hard to detect by the SIL network even if it is dense around Katla volcano.

    Strong winds at times do not improve detection of earthquakes either.

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  12. William Gunning says:

    Jon those quakes are deep this morning their most be a lot of pressure on Katla now

  13. William Gunning says:

    They have reduced the depth of the quakes.

  14. Marion says:

    Good morning Jon
    What’s happening on the Reykjanes peninsula?

  15. Jason says:

    Seems quite an intense swarm that appears to be growing stronger.

  16. Martin says:

    Jón, I was guiding a tour on the south east of and on the way back, when I crossed the Múlakvísl river there was a strong of odour of gaz that my group smelled too. Any thought about this ?

  17. Martin S says:

    Jón, I was guiding a tour on the south east of and on the way back, when I crossed the Múlakvísl river there was a strong of odour of gaz that my group smelled too. Any thought about this ?

  18. Luisport says:

    And now Katla join the party!
    26.07.2017 22:15:30 63.660 -19.130 5.6 km 4.4 50.5 6.3 km ENE of Goðabunga

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