Strong earthquake swarm in Tjörnes Fracture Zone this morning (19-October-2017)

Today (18-October-2017) at 06:00 UTC (Icelandic time) people of Grímsey Island got a rude awaking when a magnitude 3,8 to 3,9 earthquake took place. At 05:01 UTC a magnitude 2,9 earthquake had taken place. For the past 48 hours total of 105 earthquakes have taken place in the Tjörnes Fracture Zone. The largest earthquake took place in what seems to be north part of Grímsey Island, there is no population in that part of Grímsey Island but the population lives only few hundred meters away.

The earthquake activity in Tjörnes Fracture Zone in Grímsey Island. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

This earthquake activity started in this part of the Tjörnes Fracture Zone on 05-October-2017 as I wrote about here. Since then it is has been continuously ongoing, for a time it looked it was slowly stopping but the earthquake this morning increased the activity again. Since around 19:00 UTC this earthquake swarm seems to have slowed down a bit again, but the earthquake swarm is still ongoing as of writing of this article. More strong earthquakes in this area cannot be ruled out.


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7 Responses to Strong earthquake swarm in Tjörnes Fracture Zone this morning (19-October-2017)

  1. Z says:

    Seems to be some activity near Askja?

    Nothing hugely exciting or uncommon, but it’s something.

  2. Z says:

    And not a single EQ recorded in Myrdalsjökull for over 2 days. We haven’t seen that little activity there in a long time.

  3. David Cook says:

    Earthquake swarm commenced in Selfoss. Not seen one there for a while.

  4. Jack McIlveen says:

    What is going on in the Selfoss area I see a star and lots of red dots?

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