eBook about Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption 2010 planned

Too say big thank you too all the people how have donated money too me in my money problems while trying to live in Denmark. I have dedicated to write a ebook about Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption in the year 2010. It is not going to be a scientific book. But rather a book on how I did view the eruption, along with some scientific data if I can get them into the book. Among other stuff about Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

This is going to be a ebook. But I am also going to check and see if I can get a print edition for those how want that rather then a ebook. But sadly, the print edition would cost extra. For the people how have donated to me in my money problems, the ebook is going to be free of charge. For everyone else it is going to be cheap. What price is going to be, I am not sure yet at this moment.

I have all the emails from the people how have donated to me. So if you want the ebook when the time come. All that has too be done is to drop me a email too get the ebook.

I am not sure when the ebook comes out. As it takes a bit of a time for me to write it. But I am going to announce it when the ebook is ready and published. I plan to start writing it when I have finished writing a sci-fi ebook that I have already started on.

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  1. JJ says:

    Great!! It was one of the more infamous eruptions in recent memory that I can recall. All those people stuck in airports, etc.. I’m fascinated in how it broke through the 2000′ of glacier. Also the small mountain that formed from the initial lava eruption in March – how high is that? There are some nice videos on youtube of that phase with people driving their SUV’s up there.

    I hope your book sells well!

  2. Sander says:

    Oeh shallow M2.3 earthquake in grimsfjall! Lets see if something happens..

    Ow and Jon I have a question, could you put the login button on the top of the web page instead of at the lower end of the weblog page.? Now you first have to scroll all the way down. Not that scrolling down is such a big effort but still 😛


    • I did try moving the login button on the top of the web page. It id did not work. I only got it high as search (where the calender is now). So I did just move it back.

      We all just have too continue to scroll to login into the web page.

      This earthquake in Grímsfjall volcano is shallow, just 0.2 km. It was also a ML2.3 in size.

  3. Jack @ Finland says:

    GRF tremors have risen again…

    • I did notice that. But with the lack of earthquakes I am not sure what is going on. But this might just be increased hydrothermal activity in Grímsfjall volcano.

  4. Jack @ Finland says:

    Jon, check HAU tremors, especially just before midnight to 9th May. What is that spike?


  5. It is all quiet again.

  6. Henk Weijerstrass says:

    Not near the Loyalty Islands MW 7.1 and MW 6.8!

  7. william gunning says:

    where can i find out more about volcanos in iceland as iam new to all this ?

    • Lurking says:

      Well.. the way I did it was with Google. You just have to be stealthy and sneak up on the information.

      The way I get really detailed, down in the dirt info, is to find a volcano or feature name listed here. I then take that name and drop it into the search engine (advanced) and select pdf as the file type. A lot of times, research papers will pop out. Many times all you can get is the abstract. In that case, if the paper looks interesting, I take the lead authors names and stick them in the search line, again selecting PDF as the file type.

      This usually yields the same paywall papers, but also anything that group of authors have put out that is related.

      In the meantime, you may enjoy this:

      Geology and geodynamics of Iceland


  8. nick says:

    Jon and fine folk of this here blog, for those that can access it, there’s a truly outstanding film about an Icelandic photographer about the arctic, the people, Iceland and Volcanoes on the BBC iplayer at the moment. It is worth an hour of your time. Amzing images.

  9. Pieter says:

    M2.8 below Grimsfjall, earthquakes seem to get stronger over time.

    • Henk Weijerstrass says:

      And one MW 2.1. just one second before the MW 2.8 which I can’t find at the MET Office site. Probably removed for reviewing.

  10. Irpsit says:

    Yesterday a 2.3 earthquake at Grimsvotn and shallow. Today a 2.8.
    Also there seems to be some increase in tremor, but no changes in GPS.

    • Pieter says:

      GPS changes do not occur right before an eruption, just at the build up (inflation for a long period) and at the onset and aftermath of the eruption (fast deflation).

  11. Pieter says:

    There is also a small swarm going on in Long Valley Caldera, accompanied by some tremor (7:33 UTC)?


  12. There was a earthquake today somewhere close to Skrokkalda SIL station. But I do not know where for sure. As the earthquake has not yet appeared on the automatic earthquake list.

  13. Pieter says:

    A rather strong earthquake in southern Spain, at least 4 have been killed.


  14. Here is a web camera of Etna. As it has started to erupt again.


  15. Pieter says:

    Fast inflation occuring near Hekla? Rather unusual, though the actual inflation is still small.


  16. JJ says:

    I’ve been following the Live Panoramic webcam of Puʻu ʻŌʻō Cone at Kīlauea and it continues to fill in the crater since the March collapse. There are now very regular overflows of the lava lake in the center that bring the crater floor up. It’s risen to nearly the level of it’s pre-collapse level. My guess is 1-2 weeks until it reaches the top again.


    I suppose it could just overflow over the volcano at that point, or there could be a repeat rift-forming event with lava fountains… http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/kilauea/update/images.html

  17. Mattias, Swe says:

    Etna is really putting up a nice show. Thanks for the tip Jon! http://www.simnet.is/jonfr500/earthquake/vefmyndetna.it.en.html

  18. Peter Cobbold says:


    Hour long BBC programme on walk from Lanmmanalauger to Fimmvorduhals, including chopper to edge of main crater of Eyafyatlajokull. On i-player until 22nd May.

    • It only works in the UK (iPlayer). So if you can get BBC Four over satellite you can watch it that way. But not over the internet if you live outside the UK.

      — comment updated, Jón Frímann.

  19. Rick says:

    BBC Iplayer is done by mac address and ur ISP’S DCHP ip address they assign u, its possible to get a work around quiet easily. But thats illegal and i would never do that or post how too.

  20. Peter Cobbold says:

    Thanks Jon, living in UK – and paying for BBC- I did not know that. Looks to me that Beeb is missing a trick. First they shut down most of the World Service . Then they go to great trouble to restrict access over internet.
    Google ‘iplayer outside UK’

  21. Jack @ Finland says:

    M4.5 in SW Poland.

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