Here is a list of other websites and sites that I currently write on.

Jón Frímann Bloggar – Icelandic, English, soon Danish and German. This is my general website. It is about everything and sometimes nothing special. Just check it out too see what you find there.

Spacewatch – This website is about space. What it means to us as a human race. I don’t post so often here.

Jón Universe – Short stories that I write go here.

Other Volcano websites

Erik Klemetti Eruptions
The volcanism blog
Allochthonous Highly
Magma Cum Laude


I have up and running webicorders so people can see the earthquakes in Iceland. But my sensors show any large earthquakes that happens in Iceland. But also earthquakes that happens close to them, even if they are small (this however depends on distance from the geophone).

My webicordres can be viewed here. So far they are only in Icelandic and English.