Here are the webicorders from the geophones that I own. These webicorders are raw and straight from the seismometer and there are other signals than earthquakes appearing on them (noise). The webicorders are over last 24 hour period.

About the geophones

This is 4.5Hz geophone and is from
Mark Products. This geophone has three axis. It has a East, West, North, South, Z (vertical) axis. Here are info about this type of geophone. Here  are technical info about this geophone, how sensitive it is and what frequencies it detects.


To contact me please send email at volcano [at] jonfr.com.

Websites about Iceland

Iceland geology

Web cameras of volcanoes in Iceland

Web cameras of Volcanes

Other seismometer monitoring networks

Other webicorder networks
Icelandic Met Office drumplots

Web sites about earthquakes around the world

Redwood City Public Seismic Network
Ametur Teleseismc Network

The Icelandic Meteorological Office

Explanation of the tremor plot

Green line = no data recorded / coming in
Black line = normal data recorded
Red line = local earthquake recorded. Noise sometimes creates red spikes.
Orange line = Telesismic event has been detected.

B÷­varshˇlar, Iceland

Vertical channel (Z). Updated every 5 min.

Heklubygg­, Iceland

Vertical channel (Z). Updated every 5 min.
Information on wind noise can be found here.
Noisy geophone station.

Bov, Padborg, Denmark

This is vertical channel (Z). Updated every 5 min.
This is an nosy geohone station due to high traffic from cars and trains.