On the terrorist attack in Norway

The tragic events that have taken place in Norway have left me sadden to know that in Europe we can still find people how can harbour that much hatred that they can take a life of a person. I offer my condoles to all the people of Norway and to the families of the victims.

It is my sole believe that all right and left extreme politics that should and need to be condemned in all shape and forms. That being sad that I must point out that right and left extreme political parties have had good success in elections in all Scandinavian countries in the last few years. The last countries where this could be seen was Finland, where a right wing extreme political party got good election and many people in the national parliament in Finland.

Sadly this is however no exception, as this has also happened in Iceland ,Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland as sad above. It is a clear that people of this countries must reject the right and left extremist ideology in what ever shape and form it comes in.

Only then, and only with that we can try to prevent a other attack in a different Scandinavian country as we just did see in Norway yesterday. Rejection of extremist is something that needs to happen. Not only in Scandinavia, but also in the world as a whole.

Blog post updated at 03:20 UTC on 24. July 2011.