The rise of fascism in Switzerland

I see in the news today that the extremely right wing party in Switzerland is on the rise in popularity in coming election, as they are expected to get 30% in parliament election today. This is a sad news if true in history and for democracy in Switzerland. As fascism has nothing to do with democracy and is just a front for totalitarian government and xenophobic views of the world. It has been tested and only brings misery and disaster to the country in question. This is a history that all of Europe knows all to well today. Since it was the blood of the public that paid for this type of intolerance and politics.

I however fear that if the far-right party of SVP gets more power then it already has it is going to be a disaster for Switzerland. I would not be surprised if the last war in Europe is going to come from Switzerland. Even if they claim to be neutral. But that neutrality is being removed by the far right political party of SVP. The policies that SVP supports always ends with troops crossing the borders. The public in Switzerland should be wise to reject and throw out the SVP party forever. As I say. It is only going to end badly for Switzerland if they don’t. It might take few more years, but it is already moving rather fast in the worst direction possible.

Can Switzerland really go to war with it next neighbours. Yes, I would think so. In fact, I far that might happen sooner rather then later. But that would be the last war in Europe and would mean the end of Switzerland in its current form.

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