Banning prostitution only increases crime

So I am now reading that France banned prostitution in December 2013. Not surprisingly the ban was lead by high moral left-wingers who claim that prostitution is increasing human trafficking and that most or all of human trafficking victims end up in prostitution or sex related crimes. The fact however is that its not true, most victims of human trafficking end up doing other things then doing forced sex work, some due, most don’t. This myth that most human trafficking victims end up as sex trafficking victims is so bad that it can even be found in U.N reports on the matter. Many claims about human trafficking are myths that are made up for other political agenda, that is often not so nice in the long run. New Statesman has a nice article of it here. Articles like this one here are however based on political agenda and propaganda, they are creating a picture that is not there and telling news that are not based on reality.

I am sure there is a lot wrong with legal prostitution and many things can go better in it. Crimes do happen, they even happen in with parliaments, even with senators in all the countries that are now trying or have banned prostitution in past few years. Instead they deal with the criminals, they just don’t outright ban whatever the field the criminal activity takes place in. Yet, that is what they are doing with prostitution, they are banning it on the basis that criminal activity takes place in it. The people calling for banning of prostitution are using obscured circular reasoning to justify this action.

In the country where this ban against prostitution took place, something bad has happened. Not just the prostitutes that where criminalized in Sweden more then decade ago. In Sweden, the top country for extreme feminist is facing a problem of violence against women and that situation is not improving, since in the end political agenda does not care about its victims. That is what happened in Sweden, extreme feminist in Sweden with political agenda and its victims are the women it is supposed to be protecting. The problem with violence against women in Sweden is so bad that it has been noticed international levels [can be read about here and here].

In France they have just banned prostitution, all that they have done is to create a lot of new criminals and allow new gangs and human traffickers to operate within its borders. Nothing is going to get solved by this change in law in France, all that it has done is to make thing works. The ban in France and other countries is also about one other thing, that is not connected to this issue directly, yet it is, the sexual oppression of women, men are also being oppressed sexually, but not in this way as women. It is popular among feminist to blame this oppression on men, while the fact is that is only partly true. Most of this oppression comes from other women how are controlling other women sexuality by placing them self on high moral ground then other women, this is mostly used for political gain in society as control over the women population. This is also is applied to men today, but in more negative sense, that all men are “rapists” as is claimed by the most extreme feminists out there [see examples of this clam can be found here].

This moral high ground is also the reason why they are trying to ban porn, using the same dirty tricks as with prostitution. But that is a other article that is going to be written later.

If I offend anyone. Then I am so not sorry for that.

The interference of religion into politics

France is now considering banning prostitution in the Swedish manner. A way that has not worked and only given criminals more power over the sex slave in every country that has applied this type of laws. Same is going to happen in France. But that is not what I am going to write about in this post. I am going to write about in short words how religion is interfering with politics in France.

The origin of current anti-prostitution debate in France has no basis in rights for women as is being claimed. The origin is mixed, seeking ideas from radical feminist movements in Scandinavia about victimisation of women that are the basis of that ideology. Crime do exist in the sex trade, as in any other trade in the world. But nothing is going to be resolved by banning prostitution as is being discussed in France. This policy making in France also has a religion ideology behind it. Just as in Scandinavia, where the religion ideology is Christian in origin. In France that ideology is however Islam in nature and has it’s ideas firmly in that basis, along with mixture of Christian ideas from Scandinavia and Sweden. This is dangerous since religion ideology has never worked and is never going to work. This is also going to fund criminal enterprises as it has done in Sweden, Norway and Iceland and other countries where prostitution is banned by law in various manner. This is true for the person pushing for the ban in France, a minister named Najat Vallaud-Belkacem how according to Wikipedia is “non-practising Muslim”. This claim she is making is clearly a bullshit, since there is no such thing as “non-practising” any type of religion, they can claim it but it is a lie and fabrication. The reason being and this is specially true for Islam and certain branches of Christianity is that obedience and attendance is required by the people. Failure to do so often results in punishments and other social disciplinary actions of the peer-group him self. That is how religion is interfering with politics in France and is in fact pushing this ban forward even if there are no facts at all that support the claim that ban on prostitution is going to resolve anything or prevent crimes against women. The reality is most likely going to result in more crime against women and more human trafficking and sex trade by criminals.

In 2004 (or around that) South Korea banned prostitution on close argument grounds as has been done in Sweden and possibly now in France. That did not resolve anything and prostitution continues to this day. What it has done however is increase crime against women (how now cannot go to the police) and allow criminal gangs to exploit women. This is obviously working against interest of women, how are fully able to control with how they have sex with and for whatever reason they choose. It is also a lesson that moral police never works when it comes to sex. Lawmakers should also not control why people have sex for money and why they do so. For as long they are not forced into this, it should not be an matter of the law. I support laws around prostitution as can be found in Germany and Austria, since that law in fact protect women from criminals and allow crime against women and men to be reported to the police how then can deal with the matter in accordance to criminal law.

Blog post updated at 12:11 UTC on 30-November-2013.