Google Plus customs url might not be free forever

According to Google Terms of Service the new Google customs url might not be free forever.

Custom URLs are free for now, but we may start charging a fee for them. However, we will tell you before we start charging and give you the choice to stop participating first.

Google is at least going to let you know when they start charging money for this “service”. The rest of terms of service can be found here.

Facebook is spamming your inbox

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that I get occasionally an email from Facebook that I did not ask for. This note-faction come from pages that I have not liked at all and I am never going to do so. I have also never subscripted to this pages outside Facebook.

This is Facebook spam in my email. I have never liked this page and reporting it as spam seems to be useless effort.

The thing about this email, that I did not ask about is the fact that this is paid advertising and nothing else. Facebook does not seem to care that it is spamming its users with this crap. Since this is nothing else and it is also an bullshit.

As can be seen here I have not liked this page and I am not going to do so.

This new ways of Facebook to do business means only one thing. The end is near for Facebook and they know it, they are maybe good for next 5 to 10 years if they are lucky. This has already started with Facebook loosing users and activity. As has been explained in news like this one here. As for the Facebook page system, it broken and is aimed to be a pay for view type of system as explained in this news here.

For my pages on Facebook, I refuse to pay for them (even if I had money to do so) since I refuse to spam people accounts.

The Kernel is yellow journalism

There is less to the website The Kernel than meets the eyes. This news site appears to be nothing more than yellow pages of the Daily Express. I fully expect them next to start covering alien abductions and pictures of big-foot. There is an interesting information about this news site in the whois information. Mostly that the website was just created in 2011, so it’s news with less than 5 years running time. They are based in Germany and located in Berlin according to there whois information. There domain is also about to expire next month. They run no advertisement at all and have no source of income that I can see. They clearly do not sell subscriptions to the website that I can see. So how they remain funded is a big mystery to me.

The whois information:

Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2013-08-05 08:04:22
Creation Date: 2011-11-14 17:39:14
Registrar Expiration Date: 2013-11-14 17:39:14
Registrar:, LLC
Registrant Name: Rupert Hoffschmidt
Registrant Organization: Berlin42 Lab GmbH
Registrant Street: Bethaniendamm 19
Registrant Street: c/o Hans Raffauf
Registrant City: Berlin
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 10997
Registrant Country: Germany
Admin Name: Rupert Hoffschmidt
Admin Organization: Berlin42 Lab GmbH
Admin Street: Bethaniendamm 19
Admin Street: c/o Hans Raffauf
Admin City: Berlin
Admin State/Province:
Admin Postal Code: 10997
Admin Country: Germany
Admin Phone: +49.1725814448
Admin Fax:
Admin Email:
Tech Name: Rupert Hoffschmidt
Tech Organization: Berlin42 Lab GmbH
Tech Street: Bethaniendamm 19
Tech Street: c/o Hans Raffauf
Tech City: Berlin
Tech State/Province:
Tech Postal Code: 10997
Tech Country: Germany
Tech Phone: +49.1725814448
Tech Fax:
Tech Email:

The Berlin 42 appears to be a company in Germany, but from a quick search on-line they don’t seem to make anything at all. I found there Facebook page and it’s close to empty with just 42 followers. Here are the German information about this parent company (what I was able to find and that was just about everything). There current style of headlines is in the manner connect with yellow journalism. The type of news papers that thrive and make it’s there business to manufacture scandals, there main agenda is not to inform people. There main agenda seems to be in my view to create as massive damage in there wake as they can. What is worse, they are succeeding in doing so.

Currently most of not all major e-book publisher have closed down there stores or simply just removed all of there catalogues off the internet. Regardless of content or if it’s offending or not. While I do not object to some control over what is published on-line in e-book (in accordance with local laws) it’s good to have to clear on that murder mysteries does not seem to create any controversy among people, yet for some reason when it comes to nude people it does and is easy to manufacture as an big scandal for sake of publicity (in this case Kernel website). The news of the sweeping ban can be found here ( and here (BBC News).

This type of journalism that is taking place at The Kernel “magazine” (or whatever) is not going anyone a favour and as I say before it’s creating huge damage to all e-book publishers. Sine now all e-book publishers are being punished for this type of news reporting. Regardless if they write erotica or not, that is clearly not to benefits of nobody. Expect maybe the people at The Kernel magazine (or whatever they want to call them self). There is little to say about yellow journalism, expect it’s disgusting and people who do such a thing should be ashamed of them self and take a course in ethics at some good school (I guess they won’t do that, they lack the ethics to do so in the first place). You can also be sure that The Kernel is a yellow journalism magazine, they have a “resident astrologer” in the editorial staff. This is just a codeword for bullshit and nothing else. This is what yellow journalism has and is a signature of any bad newspaper out there.

I had not published anything on the e-book platform yet, since things had gotten delayed for me in the past few days for reasons outside my control. While I had not published e-books yet I have my own publishing platform on this website here. I don’t write erotica, it’s not my field of writing. I write science fiction stories and I guess there won’t be a lot of romance in them (at least not for a while I guess) and if there is going to be a romance the stories, it won’t be long or of the nature the yellow journalism is loosing it self over at the moment.

As for the news at The Kernel, it’s just an made up scandals that they are pumping out to gain publicity and short lived fame. It’s nothing else and never was intended to be anything else in my view.

Iceland new government to stop EU accession right away

It has been reported (Icelandic) by Morgunblaðið ( that Iceland new government is going to stop EU accession of Iceland right away. This is no surprise, since Iceland new government is made up of right wing extremist that are against EU and Iceland EU accession, due to there xenophobic views on Europe and other countries and cultures, in Europe and other parts of the world if it fits the agenda.

This is bad news for Icelandic people, as for the result of this they are going to see worse economic outcome in the next few years, how fast this is going to change depends on the market reactions to this news. It is clear regardless, the effects of this blocking of Iceland EU accession is going to be felt soon. It might be soon as matter of weeks, but no more then one to three months at most. It is clear that Icelandic people are going to pay greatly for this stupidly of voting this two parties (Independence Party and Progressive Party) to power again. It is going to be costly and messy affair that is going to make the current recession in Iceland last for more then 20 years, with capital limits and even import limits in the long run when things start get real tough in Iceland (this is a common response in Iceland to a repression, it is not going to be compliant with EEA rules).

Why Facebook is the biggest pile of crap ever invented

You know what Facebook is? A social network where you cannot meet new people. I am not joking. They say so them there self right here.

Facebook. Where you cannot meet new people at all! For a social network. That is not social at all.

Not only did they force log me out of my account when they did this. They also forced me to cancel my outstanding friend requests with the threat of blocking or delete my account. But you know what Facebook also does not. Provide you any way to keep track of friend request. If a friend request is not answered. I assume it has been deleted. I have no way to know if it just in place with people that I have send friend request too. That is because Facebook does not tell me what friend requests I have sent out. In fact, if I forget I have no way of knowing at all.

Facebook forced me to cancel my friend requests with the threat of blocking or deleting my account on Facebook. I am going to take the effort off there hands. In two days time (20th of April). I am going to be off Facebook for good. Since I am not going to accept this type of crap from a company that claims to be running a social network. But in fact is in it self is so anti-social it forbids you to meet new people online. In two days time. I am just going to stick with Google+ and Twitter. I do not accept this crap as I say from Facebook. It is unethical and in fact Facebook is choosing my friends for me. This is nothing else and is never going to be anything else.

Bye Facebook! I am not going to miss you since you started to behave like an asshole.

The internet company that you cannot contact via email

Google Inc is a internet company. But the thing is you actually cannot contact them directly via email or support. Since neither can be found on there web site. Here is a image to prove my point.
Google cannot be contact easily. There is no online support to speak of (below basic minimum). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

This is the sorry state of Google Inc. They might be worth US$ 71.71 billion today. But they do not have any customer support to speak of when it comes to things like Google Adsenes, Google+ and more. So if you hit any issue with Google services. You can be sure that you have no way to let them know of the fault in question or make any suggestions or complaints to them. This is what happens when Technocracy got into the corporate world.

Xenophobic minister of Ministry of Interior in Iceland

Ögmundur Jónasson is the minister of Ministry of Interior in Iceland. He is a xenophobic towards everyone that is not a Icelander. But not only that. He is also authoritarian in nature. For the past few months everything that has come from his ministry in Iceland only is about banning things.

What Ögmundur Jónasson has stated he wants to ban in Iceland or limit to foreigners how want to live in Iceland.

He wants to ban online poker in Iceland. Regular poker for profit is already banned in Iceland.
He wants to ban online pornographic material in Iceland. Distributions and owning pornographic magazines or other types of such material is forbidden in Iceland by laws already. He wants to censor the internet in Iceland in order to “protect the children” as he explained it in the news.
He wants to ban foreigners from owning a house or a land in Iceland. If people how are not Icelanders want to own a house or a land in Iceland. They have to apply for special permit in order to do so. This is going to apply to everyone. Not just for people how are from outside EFTA/EEA/EU area (that Iceland is part of). He seeks to justify this by quoting danish laws in this regards. Danish laws that might not even be in force today.

This people have already been successful in banning strippers. Along with prostitution (Swedish model) in Iceland. Both bans have resulted in more problems they where meant to resolve. Along with making the ban on alcohol advertisements even stronger then it currently is in Iceland.

Since Ögmundur Jónasson became minister of justice affairs in Iceland. His suggestions on what to ban in Iceland has grown ever longer. It is unlikely that Ögmundur Jónasson is going to keep his Ministry after the election that take place in April. This is why he might be pushing out this wish list of bans he wants to put in place before the public remove him from office. But there is a great risk of damage he can do in this amount of time.

Icelandic news and more information

Aðeins Íslendingar eigi fasteignir (Rú
Frumvarpsdrög kynnt um breytingar á lögum um eignarrétt og afnotarétt erlendra aðila (

Ögmundur íhugar að refsa fólki fyrir að eiga klám (
Varsla á klámi verði bönnuð og lokað á efni erlendis frá (
Kynþokkalist eða klám? (Ví
Klámtakmörkun ekki ritskoðun (

Writing is a job and it is not easy doing it

I got a comment today on my last blog post on about asking for donations on Iceland geology blog. It was of the same nature as before. I should not ask for donations in order to survive the month. Because when I had payed all my bills I had nothing left to buy food with. I do not know what this people where expecting me to do. But I guess they where expecting me to starve and end up in a hospital as the result. To be clear. I do get some money from Google Ads and Infolinks. But this income is little and I only get paid from it every 2 to 4 months (Google Adsense). I haven’t had a payment from Infolinks in over 6 months now. This is because my blog on earthquake and volcano activity in Iceland is not a high volume traffic web site. The reason for that is simple.

It is new and building up a strong and steady readership takes a long, long time. It actually takes more then 10 years. Here is a good example with Universe Today. That blog was created in the year 1999. I did find it in the year 2003. That is 4 years later. By then he had decent amount of readers. There is a difference between me and Universe Today. The creator of Universe Today had a job that he was able to live off while he was building up his blog and space news do not require constant attention (if you want close to real-time information on event) as earthquake and volcano activity often does. It also takes time and often effort keeping the geophone network up and running properly. Software updates, hardware fixing (if needed) and buying replacement parts when something breaks down due to old age (and a lot of usage). I also review earthquakes that I record. Make gif images of them if I need to post them online and a lot more that I do in the background when I am preparing a blog post for my blogs (this goes for all of them). Checking history of the volcano or earthquake area is something I also spend a lot of time on. As history is important and I need to know what has happened in the past (if possible) in a volcano or a fault line area. So this is a lot of work for me. Often taking hours to days from start to finish. Then there is maintain the WordPress software, upgrades, reading emails that I sometimes get and many more details that I have to attend to.

When I ask for a donation. I am not begging [internet begging]. As in return people get a working blog (and ebooks when I publish them) from me with updated news on what is happening in Iceland. A working geophone network that I maintain with my own cost (and it is not free to run it. Far from it) and time. I am no more begging then Universe Today is begging by asking for donations them self. This is also not a volunteer work that I am doing (more or less). As the cost is just too high for me to carry alone. I can’t afford to hiring a team of people helping me with this. As then I would have to pay them salary, so they can pay there bills and buy food for them self and there families. I live a lone, so I just have to pay for food for my self and pay my bills for my self. People have no idea about the work I put into this blog. What I have mentioned here is just half of it. But you can be sure that I put a lot of effort into this blog and I am going to continue to do so.

Blog post updated. Minor text fixes applied.

Why don’t you just get a job?

Today I got a complaint about my Iceland geology blog. It was not about the blog it self. It was about me asking for donations so I can survive the month of January. The complaint was that I should not ask for donations for food. That should come out of my own pocket. Ignoring the problem that all of the money I can get from social welfare in Iceland did go in January to pay the bills. Leaving me with nothing to buy food. I have often solved this issue by increasing my overdraft at the Icelandic bank. Something that I consider a bad idea (I consider all loans a bad idea now. Just like credit cards. Not the pre-paid ones). But given the fact that I have been having money issue for some time now (few months). That is no longer a options for me. Since my overdraft is now high and I cannot and I do not want to increase it any more. I am also sure that the bank is not going to increase it for me even if I asked for it.

My overdraft is now at 3.701,76€, 27.624,31DKK, 4.922,48USD (current exchange rate against ISK). That is far too high in my opinion. How it got there is a rather simple matter. How it is going to get resolved is also a simple matter. But it is going to take time for me to fix this. The question on why I can’t get just get a job to solve this is a interesting one. As writing in it self is a job. A lot of work in fact. There is also a question of if anything happens in Iceland I won’t be able to update in close to real time what is going on. As I do now. I had to get a summer job in the year 2011. That is the same year as Katla volcano dedicated that it was a good idea to start erupting. This was also the summer a minor eruption took place in Hamarinn volcano. Because I had a job (to pay down my debt at the time) I was unable to watch and update my on regular basic what was going on. I got to complaint about that in the comment (it is there somewhere. I just can’t find it). Since I had to sleep and go to work the next day after.

I did answer the complain email. Explaining in simple terms that I needed this to be able to pay for food. The replay was that food expenses should come out of my own pocket. Not asking for donations. It also sad that I should ask for the danish welfare state to help me. Something that cannot be done yet. As I have income from Iceland (not good one). I have also not been long enough in Denmark to get all the rights as a normal danish person. That takes at least three to five years of living in Denmark.

My current budget problem is a factor of two things. Bad exchange rate in Iceland and small amount of debt. As I had to buy new glasses and a washing machines so I can keep my cloths clean. I also had to get a loan from the county I live in for the deposit insurance on the apartment I now live in (I pay that last). For the period of three months (most of my overdraft comes from this) I had to pay double rent. That was expensive I did try to avoid it, but that failed. Too add on top of that I had to pay taxes in Iceland for the year 2011. I did spread that out over a period of 12 months. But due to this budget issues that I have been having. I have been adding on top of that payment for few times now. But I am going to stop paying that in August. Then it is finished. I finish paying for the glasses in May. So my bills are getting fewer with time. As I am working on solving my financial problems. I am planning on being debt free in about two to three years time if everything goes according to the plan I have set-up in regards on solving the money issue that I have.

As for getting a job. I have a job in my own view. It is a job that involves me writing about volcano and earthquake activity in Iceland, Canary Island. I also write about space and the geology of the Falkland Islands regularly. Too bad that this job pays almost nothing at the moment. Since it is quiet in Iceland and Canary Islands (there is no volcano activity in Falkland Islands) and I have not seen any space news that I find interesting enough to write about. I like having this job, since I like writing. Since I am self-employed. The issue is that this job pays almost nothing and I have to depend on the social welfare from Iceland, unstable Icelandic Krona exchange rate. I am thankful for the donations that I get. They do help. But my problem are now so large (compared to my income) that I am going to have issue for more months at least (I think) until this starts to get solved properly. But I do hope that by September things are mostly resolved. At least according to my plan. I am going to be mostly debt-free by then. Just owning the county (kommune) I live in here in Denmark money and my bank in Iceland. Everything else I have finished paying up by that time. It is going to be difficult until September at least. But after that I am hoping for easier times.

I can get a second job to get more income. But that would take away from me the time to write about volcano activity in Iceland (and Canary Islands) and provide current up to date information on what is going on in Iceland. Or in Canary Island for that matter. I can’t do both properly. But I always have the cost of living, paying bills and so on.

Golden Dawn in Greece must be stopped at all cost

It is clear by the news reports from BBC News that right-wing extremist group called Golden Dawn must be stopped at all costs. But Golden Dawn is nothing but neo-nazism (and Ultranationalism) group of people. Europe history with such thinking is terrible and Golden Dawn is turning out to be no different for Greece. But they target immigration into Greece. Being that legal and illegal one makes no different to them.

Any media that supports Golden Dawn in Greece is no media at all. Just propaganda machine for neo-nazism and for Golden Dawn. Any such media in Greece should be shut down instantly by law and not allowed to operate it’s neo-nazism propaganda. Groups like Golden Dawn are going to ruin Greece economic recovery, so far they have been doing a good job of it with there blatant lies and propaganda. For that reason they should be banned by law and arrests should be made on all those how supports this type of dangerous ideology. If the police in Greece does not want to stop it. The Greece military must step in and restore social order in Greece at all cost. If that fail, a military and police support from other EU countries must be requested by the Greece government.

BBC News on this issue

Alarm at Greek police ‘collusion’ with far-right Golden Dawn