I am sorry Mr. Martin Wolf….

I am sorry Mr. Martin Wolf. But you are a idiot. I do not care if you are the editor in chef main economist at Financial Times. You do not know anything about how it is to live in Iceland by using the Icelandic Krona. You do not have to experience inflation up to 100% with the Icelandic krona, but there are only about 30 years since that last happened in Iceland. You don’t have to experience currency restrictions with the Icelandic krona. You don’t have to experience your salary lowered by drop in Icelandic krona up to 50% of its value during the first weeks in October of 2008.

There is a lot that you don’t experience since you don’t use the Icelandic krona. For that reason alone you are just a idiot when you claim that Icelandic krona is all good for Icelanders to use. Since you don’t experience any of the problems using the Icelandic krona in the daily life. The neo-liberals that you speak with in Iceland are full of shit and lies. You apparently believe them, even as fact is going to tell you that this are the people that made a short work out of Icelandic economic during a 5 year period. It did not take them any longer then that to collapse the economic of a whole country. For ignoring that fact, you are a idiot Mr. Martin Wolf.

In fact, you know little about how it is to live with unstable currency that creates mother of all price fluctuation some times. Currency that makes it impossible for companies to plan for the future, since they do not even know what the exchange rate for the Icelandic krona is going to be the next day. What in the next six months.

It is clear that you Mr. Martin Wolf did not have money in the Icesave bank accounts. Because if you did, then you would have wanted the Icelanders to pay what they guaranteed (with special laws) in regards to those deposits. For taking the irresponsible point of a financial scam artist you are a idiot.

You also just oppose the European Union for your own bloody greed, as without the EU you could have made millions in recessions profits. But with the euro and the EU in place it is hard to do this, or even just plain impossible. For this you are not idiot. But unethical bastard how deservers to have its financial exposed and judged by the court if the case warrens it.

Your words do not mean nothing to me from now on. Regardless if they where sad in the past or in the future. As I do not listen to idiots and unethical bastards you profiteer on the recession.

Icelandic news about Mr. Martin Wolf, the unethical idiot.

Ekki í ESB og ekki greiða Icesave (Rúv.is, Icelandic)
Wolf segir krónuna reynast vel (mbl.is, Icelandic) Note: This is the newspaper of the neo-liberals in Iceland. It is on the side of those how profiteers, regardless if it is a recession or not.

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