George Soros be investigated for illegal financial acts

I call on governments everywhere to investigate George Soros for illegal financial acts. Acts against the global market. Attempts to destabilize currencies. That be mostly the euro but also the american dollar (USD). I base my opinion on recent news about George Soros calling for Germany to lead or leave the euro. It is clear that it is not something he is able to dictate in any way. Even if he is wealthy.

It is also worth noticing that economic growth of 5% is unrealistic number. In fact. All manner of economic growth is unrealistic in the short and long term. It creates bubbles and is the basic foundation for economic crises as we are seeing today. Status-quo is something that should be aimed at. Rather then economic growth that does not hold up to any realistic expatiation or facts in the long term.

It is also worth noticing that George Soros is only interested in one thing. Saving his self interest and nothing else. Just like any other “International financier” (BBC News quote) out there.

BBC News on this

Soros calls for Germany to ‘lead or leave euro’