Sanctions should be put in place on Ukraine for violating human rights

It is my opinion that Ukraine is getting out of control. It’s newest laws are showing ever more signs of dictatorship in the ruling of the country. Human rights are something that must respected at all cost and at all times. No exceptions on this in my opinion. Same goes for Russia. But Russia being what it is. The problem there is more political then something that can be solved with sanctions. In the case of Ukraine this is something that is a mixture of both solutions until Ukraine starts to respect international treaties on human rights. Human rights that Ukraine has already agreed on with there membership of Council of Europe. Membership includes the requirement of following the treaties in question.

Human rights are for everyone. Just excluded list of people. Regardless of sexuality, political views and other factors. My reason for writing this blog post is this new from BBC News on status of human rights in Ukraine.

Ukraine takes aim against ‘gay propaganda’ (BBC News)