Why don’t you just get a job?

Today I got a complaint about my Iceland geology blog. It was not about the blog it self. It was about me asking for donations so I can survive the month of January. The complaint was that I should not ask for donations for food. That should come out of my own pocket. Ignoring the problem that all of the money I can get from social welfare in Iceland did go in January to pay the bills. Leaving me with nothing to buy food. I have often solved this issue by increasing my overdraft at the Icelandic bank. Something that I consider a bad idea (I consider all loans a bad idea now. Just like credit cards. Not the pre-paid ones). But given the fact that I have been having money issue for some time now (few months). That is no longer a options for me. Since my overdraft is now high and I cannot and I do not want to increase it any more. I am also sure that the bank is not going to increase it for me even if I asked for it.

My overdraft is now at 3.701,76€, 27.624,31DKK, 4.922,48USD (current exchange rate against ISK). That is far too high in my opinion. How it got there is a rather simple matter. How it is going to get resolved is also a simple matter. But it is going to take time for me to fix this. The question on why I can’t get just get a job to solve this is a interesting one. As writing in it self is a job. A lot of work in fact. There is also a question of if anything happens in Iceland I won’t be able to update in close to real time what is going on. As I do now. I had to get a summer job in the year 2011. That is the same year as Katla volcano dedicated that it was a good idea to start erupting. This was also the summer a minor eruption took place in Hamarinn volcano. Because I had a job (to pay down my debt at the time) I was unable to watch and update my on regular basic what was going on. I got to complaint about that in the comment (it is there somewhere. I just can’t find it). Since I had to sleep and go to work the next day after.

I did answer the complain email. Explaining in simple terms that I needed this to be able to pay for food. The replay was that food expenses should come out of my own pocket. Not asking for donations. It also sad that I should ask for the danish welfare state to help me. Something that cannot be done yet. As I have income from Iceland (not good one). I have also not been long enough in Denmark to get all the rights as a normal danish person. That takes at least three to five years of living in Denmark.

My current budget problem is a factor of two things. Bad exchange rate in Iceland and small amount of debt. As I had to buy new glasses and a washing machines so I can keep my cloths clean. I also had to get a loan from the county I live in for the deposit insurance on the apartment I now live in (I pay that last). For the period of three months (most of my overdraft comes from this) I had to pay double rent. That was expensive I did try to avoid it, but that failed. Too add on top of that I had to pay taxes in Iceland for the year 2011. I did spread that out over a period of 12 months. But due to this budget issues that I have been having. I have been adding on top of that payment for few times now. But I am going to stop paying that in August. Then it is finished. I finish paying for the glasses in May. So my bills are getting fewer with time. As I am working on solving my financial problems. I am planning on being debt free in about two to three years time if everything goes according to the plan I have set-up in regards on solving the money issue that I have.

As for getting a job. I have a job in my own view. It is a job that involves me writing about volcano and earthquake activity in Iceland, Canary Island. I also write about space and the geology of the Falkland Islands regularly. Too bad that this job pays almost nothing at the moment. Since it is quiet in Iceland and Canary Islands (there is no volcano activity in Falkland Islands) and I have not seen any space news that I find interesting enough to write about. I like having this job, since I like writing. Since I am self-employed. The issue is that this job pays almost nothing and I have to depend on the social welfare from Iceland, unstable Icelandic Krona exchange rate. I am thankful for the donations that I get. They do help. But my problem are now so large (compared to my income) that I am going to have issue for more months at least (I think) until this starts to get solved properly. But I do hope that by September things are mostly resolved. At least according to my plan. I am going to be mostly debt-free by then. Just owning the county (kommune) I live in here in Denmark money and my bank in Iceland. Everything else I have finished paying up by that time. It is going to be difficult until September at least. But after that I am hoping for easier times.

I can get a second job to get more income. But that would take away from me the time to write about volcano activity in Iceland (and Canary Islands) and provide current up to date information on what is going on in Iceland. Or in Canary Island for that matter. I can’t do both properly. But I always have the cost of living, paying bills and so on.

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  1. I agree you should not be asking for donations for food this is a form of begging. If it is too expensive to live in Denmark and you cannot claim any welfare then move back to Iceland. The wage i earn in the UK is less that you get from the social and I manage to pay mortgage, bills, and food on this. I certainly do not want you history of what you can or cannot claim or blame not getting a job because you have Aspergers. I have Aspergers syndrome myself and manage to work fine, live a comfortable life and manage my money. It makes me angry when people use disability or illness as an excuse for not getting a paid job.

    1. I have a job. It is writing on the internet. It pays poorly at the moment. What you do not understand is that my status would be worse in Iceland then in Denmark. Since Iceland is going trough an price hike at the moment and high inflation (around 5.0% and it is going to get higher). Food is cheaper in UK (same goes for Denmark) then in Iceland.

      I do not think you release how low income I have in UK pounds. I can tell you. Today that is about 783,49 GBP (1 GBP = 205 ISK). You almost certainly have higher wages then I do.

      This is not a form of begging. Buying food is a expenditure that should always be expected. I can also tell you why this is not a begging. Because people get something in return (my work). What people get in return is information and explanation on what is going on in Icelandic geology.

      I do not expect you to work for free. Do not expect me to do the same in my writing job.

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