When I found my self in a big city

I have never lived in a big city and the reason for that is simple. There are no big cities in Iceland. Reykjavík only has a population of 120000 people (the whole area has a population around 230000) it is just too small for me. I have until now just lived in small towns such as Hvammstangi (Iceland) and in Bov [Padborg] (Denmark). None of this areas have population over 500000 [the total population of Iceland is just 322000 at the moment]. With Hvammstangi in Iceland being the smallest, with just of population of around 530 people when I lived there, the total municipality had a population of around 1350 people. The population where I now live does not exceed above 100000 in the Aabenraa municipality

When I am in a big city I feel good. I just can’t explain it. I feel like I belong. When I have stayed there. I have not lived in a city for a long time, the longest period that I have stayed in a big city is about one and a half week in Copenhagen. But it is the feeling that I get when I am in a city that I like. For that reason I have scrapped my older plans where to move. Now I am going to move to a big city and that city is Frankfurt am Main in Germany. When I am going to move. I am not sure. I for sure cannot afford it now and my best estimate on when that might happen is around 2024 around or after. I have been exploring Frankfurt with Google Earth, since it is one of the few places in Germany that has street-view (before it was closed down) and I like what I am seeing. I also want to move to Germany since I feel more compatible to German culture then I do to Danish culture. I am not sure what that is at the moment. I am going to figure that out later.

I do know what I plan is the correct move. I feel at lot better and I love going to Flensburg, Germany (the closest German town to the border with Denmark) and Flensburg is just a small town with population of 89.000 people. For that reason and the time spent in big cities I do know this is right for me. Since that is what I am feeling deep inside along with the sense of belonging to a city, rather than a smaller town or a village. Before I can move to Germany I need to learn some basic German. I already understand some German, since I’ve been living next to Germany for two years now. But I need a lot of improvement before I can understand it properly. I also need to increase my income, since I am never going to move to Frankfurt being just on Icelandic social welfare income. It is just too low for it. I hope that my future books help on this. Now I have at least goal to work with.