George Soros be investigated for illegal financial acts

I call on governments everywhere to investigate George Soros for illegal financial acts. Acts against the global market. Attempts to destabilize currencies. That be mostly the euro but also the american dollar (USD). I base my opinion on recent news about George Soros calling for Germany to lead or leave the euro. It is clear that it is not something he is able to dictate in any way. Even if he is wealthy.

It is also worth noticing that economic growth of 5% is unrealistic number. In fact. All manner of economic growth is unrealistic in the short and long term. It creates bubbles and is the basic foundation for economic crises as we are seeing today. Status-quo is something that should be aimed at. Rather then economic growth that does not hold up to any realistic expatiation or facts in the long term.

It is also worth noticing that George Soros is only interested in one thing. Saving his self interest and nothing else. Just like any other “International financier” (BBC News quote) out there.

BBC News on this

Soros calls for Germany to ‘lead or leave euro’

Paul Krugman failure on the Eurozone

Paul Krugman is an Nobel prize winning economist. However that does not entitle him to be correct on the Eurozone. Since he has always been wrong when it comes to that subject and from what I can gather the economics in recession times. While Greece, Italy and Spain are the biggest problems in the Eurozoen. With Greece being a rather big issue. It is important to release the fact that Greece is in fact small part of Eurozone as a whole. So any and all effects the issues they are having are not going to influence the Eurozone in any great manner. Regardless of what hysterical media has been reporting since the debt crises in the Eurozone started in the year 2009. As it has been come evidence that hysterical media making self fulling claims by manipulating the market with hysterical news, that do often not have any basic in fact. This manipulation of the fact is then later supported by people like Paul Krugman. How either willing like, or unwilling takes part in this manipulation. My hypothesis on this matter (as I do not have any access to any hard evidence as of yet) suggests that large bank might be behind this in order to increase there profits and increase there own gain at the same time. I call it profiteering in recession times. But that is just me.

As for Paul Krugman and the Eurozone. It is clear that most, if not all of his claims about the Eurozone (:Euro) are wrong. From best to my knowledge, none of his claims or predictions about the Euro has come true over the past few years. This is not a surprice, as Paul Krugman as so many economists in the U.S and the U.K are either U.S dollar people, or U.K pound people. This group of people normally, without any good reason or fact. Oppose the Eurozone (and the euro) on this rather loose grounds. They have now been doing it for past 9 years or so since the Eurozone was launched in EU. The economic recession has been pure goldmine for this people. Since it was followed by debt crises in part of the Eurozone.

What Paul Krugman fails to understand is this. There is great political will to get out of this Eurozone debt crises, as has already been shown. This is also not the first economic crises countries in Europe have seen over the past decades. But this is the first economic crises since the Euro was introduced. So it is clear there it would be issues and unforeseen problems. But any ideas of collapse of the Eurozone are unfunded and not based on any fact that I am aware of. It is all just in dreams of economics like Paul Krugman and in politicians how oppose the European Union and the Eurozone. As it is clear that collapse of the largest economic power in the world would not only mean major problems in Europe. But also in the U.S, China and in other parts of the world. In fact, I do not think that any part of the world would go unaffected by such economic collapse. So any such ideas are crazy and should be dismissed as such. It is also clear that Greece is not going to leave the Eurozone. That would make current recession that is taking place in Greece look like a economic good times.

If the Eurozone and European Union falls. I hope that Paul Krugman can find a nice paper box to life in after the crash. Because that is where he is going to end is such economic collapse would take place.

News about this claims (some might be behind paywall).

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Endurtekin vitleysa í Morgunblaðinu um evruna

Það er staðreynd að fjárfestar eru ekkert að flýja evruna. Slíkar fullyrðingar eiga sér ekki neina stoð í raunveruleikanum, og hafa í raun aldrei átt það. Hvað gjaldmiðla varðar. Þá er evran mjög stöðugur gjaldmiðill. Enda eru sveiflar litlar yfir árið. Undanfarið hefur gengi evrunar lækkað gagnvart bandaríkjadollar, og öðrum gjaldmiðlum í heiminum. Þetta hefur eingöngu þær afleiðingar að útflutningur frá evrusvæðinu styrkist, og verðmæti þessa útflutnings eykst. Evrópusambandið er stærsti efnahagur í heiminum, stærri en efnahagur Bandaríkjanna sem Morgunblaðsmenn eru svo hrifnir af.

Hvað lækkun evrunar í dag varðar. Þá var lækkun evrunar aðeins -0.0105% samkvæmt vefsíðu ECB (gagnvart USD). Á einu ári hefur evran lækkað um -9,9% gagnvart USD samkvæmt vefsíðu ECB. Sem dæmi þá hrundi íslenska krónan yfir 90% árið 2008 í upphafi efnahagshrunsins. Fullyrðingar fréttar Morgunblaðsins um að fjárfestar séu að flýja evruna eru því gjörsamlega úr lausu lofti gripnar. Það styðja ennfremur engar staðreyndir þessar fréttir Morgunblaðsins sem eru svona.

EU should consider suspending Greece EU membership rights

As things are turning from bad to worse in Greece these days. With neo-Nazis group in the Greece parliament and a major political crisis looming in Greece. It is clear that if things do not clear up for Greece. EU member-states should seriously consider suspending Greece from the EU until such time they clean up there act and respect democracy and its rules.

This is most important given that the neo-Nazis group Golden Dawn has now entered the Greek parliament. Not only are they worst type of people. But they also threaten the free press, and anyone how is critical of them in the press. If they make it into government in Greece, that is going to be a disaster for the people in Greece.

Reports on threats against reporters that are critical of Golden Dawn in Greece.

SEEMO Concerned by Media Pressure in Greece

EU law on suspending EU member rights.

The Union’s founding principles

50 years of Common Agricultural Policy

2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), a cornerstone of European integration that has provided European citizens with five decades of secure food supply and a living countryside.

Russia is preparing for war in my opinion

From what I can tell. It seems that Russia is preparing for war. This starts with building up the military forces as Putin is now promising in the poll rallies he is holding in Russia at the current time. This is not an good thing, as Europe is the most likely target for Russia to invade. But also parts of Asia. But at current time is impossible to know how how are with Russia on this. Since I have my suspicions that this plan has been going on for few years now already. They use the common claim that somebody might be interested in invading Russia. But the fact is that nobody is. Besides domestic terrorism that is taking place in Russia. The world has less interest in Russia then one might think.

How do I know this is going to lead to war. The propaganda machine in Russia is clear on this issue. There are hidden signals in the news on about what is taking place in Russia at the moment. But when and how this war might break out is not something that I know at current time, as it appear to be only in its early stages. But I am sure that details of this plan are going to appear in the next 5 to 10 years or so. For now however. The only thing that can be done is to wait and see what happens next in Russia. As there is still an chance of this war plan failing before its even starts. But I have my doubts on that at current time.

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