The solution to the sovereign debt problem in Europe and world wide

There is a simple solution to the sovereign debt problem that is now troubling few nations in the Eurozone and world wide. This solution is quite simple and exist quite easy. The solution is that the debt problem nations start to pay off there debt in time and with a plan. They limit or stop borrowing money and start paying off the debt with the income the nations already have.

This means short term cut in service and like that on public level. With with proper planning that should not last no more then 10 years or less, depending on the amount of debt in question.

But there is also the problem with investors that have played the cards in such a way that they make a profit if everything goes to hell in the world economy. Those parties needs to be found and stopped before they make any more damage to the world economy.

On the terrorist attack in Norway

The tragic events that have taken place in Norway have left me sadden to know that in Europe we can still find people how can harbour that much hatred that they can take a life of a person. I offer my condoles to all the people of Norway and to the families of the victims.

It is my sole believe that all right and left extreme politics that should and need to be condemned in all shape and forms. That being sad that I must point out that right and left extreme political parties have had good success in elections in all Scandinavian countries in the last few years. The last countries where this could be seen was Finland, where a right wing extreme political party got good election and many people in the national parliament in Finland.

Sadly this is however no exception, as this has also happened in Iceland ,Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland as sad above. It is a clear that people of this countries must reject the right and left extremist ideology in what ever shape and form it comes in.

Only then, and only with that we can try to prevent a other attack in a different Scandinavian country as we just did see in Norway yesterday. Rejection of extremist is something that needs to happen. Not only in Scandinavia, but also in the world as a whole.

Blog post updated at 03:20 UTC on 24. July 2011.

Schengen crime wave is an myth put up by populist extremist

One of the arguments that DF did out forward for putting up new border checks in Denmark is to stop the crime wave that has been taking place in Denmark after an eastern Europe countries joined the EU and later Schengen agreement.

This crime waver is an myth in Denmark as it is in the United Kingdom (not in Schengen by the way). But an study conducted in the year 2008 by the UK police. What happens to be an myth in one place also happens to be an myth in other places too. So it an save bet that DF claims are nothing but an hogwash and lies. Something that the danish media should have spotted an long time ago.

This discussions and claims have also been going on in Iceland for the past months. The same myths have been claimed, along with the same lies. But the interesting fact here in Iceland is that even with many foreign criminals in icelandic jails, they only make up 22% of the total prison population. The rest, the 78% are Icelandic criminals. That number had risen from 8% since the year 2001. But that has nothing to do with Schengen, but the fact that in the year 2004 and 2007 many countries did join EU and many more people where added to the area that allowed free people movement inside Europe. Sadly, I do not know the statics for Denmark jails in this regards, my danish is not that good yet.

This has nothing to do with Schengen, but it is popular by the populist extremist in the politics to cast the blame in Schengen agreement. As it is easy to blame, and nobody seems to check there claims to see if they are actually true of not. That is why the DF gets away with telling lies in the Danish media as it has done so for an long time now.

Migrant crime wave a myth – police study (Guardian UK, 2008)
22 prósent fanga erlendir ríkisborgarar (Icelandic, 2011)

How Dansk Folksparti lies in the danish press about crime

The Dansk Folksparti is currently lying about crime of foreigners in Denmark. What is the worst is that DF gets away with this because of sloppy news reporting in Denmark about the deliberate lies of DF. From this lies, the demand for border control

While I am not going detail DF just yet (I am still working my way into danish politics and that is going to take me few years). I am going to uncover the most oblivious lies and false claims in the media. Somebody has to fight the fascist ideas that DF is spreading in Danish society and harming Denmark in the process.

The fact is quite simple. The majority of crimes committed in Denmark is done by danish citizen and not by foreigners. This is an fact that DF never brings up, because they like to blame crime in Denmark on foreigners living and working in Denmark.

Some basic static and information.

Denmark: A Case Study in Social Democracy (2003)
NationMaster – Denmark Crime
U.S Embassy Denmark Crime Report 2009
Crime information Denmark

EU ministers should avoid the dangers of right and left extremist politics in Europe

Tonight is a sad night I reckon. Not only have EU minsters dedicated to suspend too a degree the Schengen agreement due to a refugee problem (so claimed) in Europe. This problem is over inflated by extremist politicians (too the right or left) how want to gain popularity by pointing out issues that are not there to begin with.

While that it is true that refugees that come to Europe have to be dealt with. This is the wrong way to do so and has always been. As it does not solve the issue on how to get refugees properly housed in Europe or integrated into Europe culture if they wish to remain in Europe. All that imposing border controls in Europe does is to punish citizen of EU member states and the Schengen states outside of EU (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland). It is also worth noticing that in size of the population, refugees into Europe is still a small number.

The root of this issue is the growing popularity of right wing extremist in politics and also growing left wing extremism in politics. It is a fact that Europe has a extremely bad lessons from giving into the demands of the extremist, as they are just into it for there own gains. Euro-sceptics should not be listen too, as they long for the old days of war in Europe.

No political party in Europe should take part in what the extreme political parties to the left or right are going for. It is also clear that public in Europe should and needs to refuse the ideas that this extreme political parties offer. As in the long term such direction is only going to hurt the population and is not going to solve the refugee issue. Closing down the border is not going to solve that issue at all. It is only going to make it more complex and harder to deal with in the long term.

Populist politicians are short sighted and generally dumb. But they are generally found on the extreme arm of the political spectrum. They should always be refused any power for any reason at all. When this type of people get into power the results are always and always will be a disaster. As is proven today when moderate political parties try to follow the damaging and dangerous path of extremist political parties, in order to gain popularity with in there own countries.

Schengen agreement and its implementation must not be sacrificed on a short sighted mission to solve a temporary (5 to 10 years) problem that has appeared in Europe (refugees from northern Africa). Doing so is against EU ideas and what Europe has been working for for the past 59 years.

Blog post updated at 03:02 CEST on 13. May 2011. Title of blog post fixed.

Italian police censor a comedian how posted a online saturate of Berlusconi

The Italian police have censored a Italian comedian for posting a online saturate of Berlusconi behavior as of late. This saturate also points out the fact that Berlusconi is a master of avoiding criminal charges by simply passing a law that avoid him landing a jail for 40 years jail sentence for political corruption.

Here is the text that the Italian Police did try to censor for Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy and a international shame. He is also a shame in Europe, as for his action part of Italy are in a bad state with corruption and crime problems.

Sequestrato dalla Polizia il giornale online Leggete l’articolo incriminato e ditemi se non siamo in uno Stato confusionale!

BLOG di VALERIA ROSSI – Non ho mai, MAI desiderato in vita mia la morte di nessun essere umano. Giuro. Neanche di quelli che mi avevano fatto i peggiori torti. Il massimo accidente che ho tirato a qualcuno è stato “ti venisse mal di pancia”.
Oggi, però, mi accordo di desiderare, dal profondo del cuore, la morte di Silvio Berlusconi .
Non solo: mi sento proprio disposta ad andarlo a far fuori personalmente.
Ma mi sento in colpa, per questi pensieri? Mi sento parte del “partito dell’odio”?
Nah. Neanche un po’.
Perché finalmente mi si è accesa la lampadina. Ho visto la luce. Ho capito la verità.
Non ci si può sentire in colpa desiderando che Berlusconi muoia, perché quello NON è un essere umano .

Dopo gli ultimi avvenimenti, compresi quelli di ieri (che Di Pietro ha definito un vero e proprio “golpe”, e che se non lo sono ci picchiano vicino), ho capito finalmente che il premier non è un industriale, né un politico (vabbe’, quel dubbio lì non mi ha mai sfiorato), né un delinquente o un mafioso: è un alieno dotato di formidabili poteri ipnotici.

Ha ipnotizzato una (grossa) fetta di italiani ed è solo per questo che è ancora lì, sempre lì, immutabilmente lì.
Di sicuro ha ipnotizzato Napolitano (che già l’aria un po’ predisposta ce l’aveva, diciamolo), che non si decide a sciogliere le camere e continua ad invocare improponibili dialoghi e impossibili rasserenamenti “per il bene del Paese”, quando è palese, evidente, lampante che il Paese è bloccato – e bloccato resterà – dalle ennesime vicende giudiziario-sessuali dell’ ET.
Ha ipnotizzato deputati e senatori che, anziché fuggire ululando sulla collina come dovrebbe fare qualsiasi persona normale di fronte al degrado morale in cui si sono ritrovati invischiati, si stringono intorno a lui, anzi tornano a lui anche dopo essersene allontanati.
Eddai, su: è mai possibile che una persona normale che aveva fatto scelte politiche diverse, che aveva preso le distanze da quello che in molti credevamo essere “solo” malato di mente (ma ora sappiamo che ha una mente aliena, quindi per forza ragiona in modo diverso dal nostro!), torni sui suoi passi PROPRIO quando ‘sto tizio si fa beccare con la manacce zozze sotto la gonna di una minorenne? No, non c’è spiegazione che tenga: né denaro, né promesse di posti o di cadreghini, suvvia: il normale membro di una società civile DEVE avere dei limiti. Anche all’avidità.
Quindi si tratta per forza di ipnosi.

La stessa che ha utilizzato probabilmente con le ragazze… perché, dai: una puoi anche trovarla, che per un posto in qualche Regione o Provincia si abbassi ad intrattenere sessualmente un viscido vecchio “dal culo flaccido” (che poi, vedete? Appena si allontanano un po’ dall’influsso alieno, le ragazze al telefono si rendono anche conto di quello che stanno facendo. Sono in preda ai dubbi): ma quindici? Venti? Cinquanta?
E’ ipnosi, ipnosi. Non c’è storia.
Non capisco come non me ne sia resa conto prima: forse, un pochino, l’influsso malefico aveva raggiunto anche me.

Ora, uno potrebbe dire: “Vabbe’. Ha ipnotizzato tutti, su questo non ci piove. Ma non potrebbe essere semplicemente un bravo ipnotizzatore umano ?”
Eh, no! Non può.
Primo, perché l’ha ammesso lui stesso, in conferenza stampa. Ha detto: “ Sono il recordman dei processi in Italia, nel mondo ed anche delle creature che abitano gli altri Pianeti “. Testuale.
Secondo: ricordate l’attentato? La statuina del Duomo, i denti rotti, la faccia tutta spetasciata?
Ma vi pare che un umano sarebbe potuto apparire in pubblico, pochi giorni dopo, senza neanche una cicatricina piccola così?!?
Quella è stata rigenerazione spontanea: oppure l’intervento di una scienza misteriosa che noi non riusciamo neppure a capire.
Niente a che vedere con il povero, buon, vecchio pianeta Terra.

Pertanto, Berlusconi va fatto fuori. Non “politicamente”, come ho sempre sostenuto quando pensavo che fosse un uomo, ma proprio fisicamente .
E siccome temo che molti, troppi italiani siano obnubilati dai suoi poteri, vorrei proprio pensarci io, in prima persona, a farlo fuori: certa che non verrei mai condannata per questo, ma insignita di altissime onorificenze (anche da quelli che finalmente, liberati dall’influsso, capirebbero di essere stati soggiogati da una forza aliena e si sentirebbero finalmente liberi, grazie a me).
Un’ EROINA, sarei. Mica baubaumiciomicio.

Solo che ho un po’ di problemi: come raggiungerlo, prima di tutto… perché avendo solo una ventina d’anni meno di lui, ed essendo quindi una vecchia babbiona, non verrei mai accolta alle serate di Arcore.
Come giornalista non posso neanche arrivargli vicino, perché si sa che sono comunista, quindi mi spara prima lui.
Devo pensarci. Si accettano suggerimenti.

E poi devo risolvere il secondo problema: come ammazzarlo, proprio tecnicamente.
Perché se quella del Duomo è stata rigenerazione spontanea, so’ cavoli amari: rischia di essere immortale o quasi.
Gli spari? Si autoguarisce. Lo avveleni? Va a sape’: magari l’arsenico, sul suo pianeta, lo vendono ai bar come la Ceres. Arma bianca? Eh… bisogna arrivargli vicino-vicino, c’è il rischio che finisca ipnotizzata anch’io. C’è il rischio che mi convinca a dargli un bacio in bocca, anziché pugnalarlo: così, invece di ammazzare lui, mi suicido io.

So’ problemi, eh. Bisogna studiarlo bene, ‘sto piano.
Ma prima bisognerebbe sciogliere il nodo principale: è lui che sa guarirsi da solo, oppure ci sono altri alieni sulla Terra, pronti a correre in suo aiuto e a resuscitarlo ogni volta che serve?
E nel caso, CHI li guida?
Qualche sospetto ce l’ho: La Russa, per esempio, sembrerebbe proprio uno che a prendere sembianze umane ci ha provato, ma non è che la cosa gli sia riuscita benissimo.
E di Brunetta, ne vogliamo parlare?
Potrebbe essere che ‘sta razza aliena sia molto più piccola di quella umana…e che allungarla sia un procedimento complesso: quindi quello che doveva apparire più spesso in pubblico l’hanno stirato un po’ (ma neanche poi tanto), e l’altro per niente. Gli hanno fabbricato sembianze più o meno umane, ma per il resto l’hanno lasciato com’era.
Ah, poi potrebbe essere anche una donna: tipo, che so, la Santanchè. Che, diciamolo, sembra proprio di plastica: tranne che per le mani. Quelle sono riuscite benissimo, sembrano proprio umane: forse è per quello che fa vedere le dita in continuazione.

Insomma, non è facile. Bisogna studiare, programmare, capire bene come affrontare il nemico.
Ci vorrà magari un po’ di tempo, ma io mi ci metto subito: e per favore, datemi un po’ una mano anche voi. Voi che avete uno scudo mentale, dico, e che non siete rimasti del tutto soggiogati.
Specialmente voi che abitate ad Arcore e dintorni…tanto per cominciare, guardatevi un po’ in giro.
E fatemi un po’ sapere se per caso vedete un’astronave.

This is taken from a Italian mirror, see here.

Here is the english translation. Done with Google Translate.

Before the Italian police tries to censor me. I want to point out that I live in Denmark, the domain is registered in the U.S and the hosting is done in the UK. The legal issues are high here. I also want to remind the Italian police of the Streisand effect.

More on this matter.

Italian Police Seize Blog Over ‘Kill Berlusconi’ Satire (

Norwegian goverment is breaking the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights in the case of Maria Amelie

The government of Norway is breaking the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and European Convention on Human Rights in the case of the illegal immigrant Maria Amelie in Norway. But Norway did turn down here application for asylum (I do not know on what ground that was made). But it is both unethical and illegal in my opinion to transfer here to the dangerous and war torn area of North Ossetia-Alania where she is from. As she as a woman (single and alone with no family) has no chance of surviving there, as women are not far from a slave status in that area of Russia and rights for women are almost none-existence.

The women right society of Norway appears not to have any problem of breaking right of a women if she is not from Norway. The fact also appears to be no problem for governments in Europe to break human rights on illegal immigrants if that so fits them, witch is often based on items that are close to racism and other anti-human elements.

There is a need to stop the deportation of Maria Amelie right now, and this is what I demand that the Norwegian government does from this moment. The human right movements in Norway need to stop this shame right away by legal means. As the Norwegian government cannot be allowed to continue to with this illegal deportation.

News about this in english.

UPDATED: Norwegian police to deport acclaimed immigrant as soon as possible

Political blackmail continues against free information

I see in the news from BBC News that Visa has now suspended money transfer to Wikileaks. This follows the same line as Mastercard, Paypal, Amazon ,Moneybookers and more large international companies have started to do since Wikileaks started to release the U.S Embassy cables.

What is interesting about the Wikileaks case is it has exposed the political blackmail that is currently ongoing against Wikileaks. It is obvious by the reactions of the big companies that they are being blackmailed by the U.S Government and other large governments into submissions to stop trading with Wikileaks. They do this because it’s is in there best business interest with the government. Not because of some pesky principles that they sometimes claim to have.

It is a serius matter that the U.S government gets away with this in the face of the public. As they are here bypassing the founding rules of the U.S constitution and due process of the law. The U.S government has also failed to show what law Wikileaks is currently breaking by releasing the U.S Embassy cables. This means just one thing, the U.S government is breaking it’s own law and is acting in a unlawful manner. That has to stop now, and for a good reason. This is against the freedom of speech that the western countries claim to uphold. It is however clear that the western governments have forgot that with freedom of speech comes the price that your secret doing might become a public knowledge on the terms of the people, not on the government terms. This is a fact and the political system of the western world has to live with that, since anything else is just a dictatorship and nothing less.

The voters in the offending countries should protest to there governments with full strength and show no mercy as it is clear that the government is not going to show the public no mercy when it comes down to it.

Live the free world and free speech!

BBC News

Wikileaks’ Visa payments suspended (BBC News)

The best way to deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan

In my opinion, the best way to deal with the Taliban treat in Afghanistan is to remove the current president of Afghanistan from office. Given his corrupt nature and his failed government it would be a big step forward to remove him from office. With force if necessary. Then it is going to be possible to plug the leaks coming from the government of Afghanistan.

But that is only the first step in dealing with the Taliban. Rest has to be dealt with in a strict and organized manner. First of is to arrest or kill the Taliban’s that currently are on the loose. They also need to deal with the Taliban on province basis. Not on a country based skill. However the biggest and the best way to deal with the Taliban is to provide education, health care and security. That is something that the Taliban cannot match, as they rule with fear and ignorance.

Currently the U.S army and U.S it self is failing in this, and that explains how unsuccessful they have been in Afghanistan and Iraq.

BBC News what sparked this writing.

Foreign medical workers among 10 killed in Afghanistan

Why Badakhshan may have felt safe

UK is free to leave EU

The ever eurosceptic UK is keen to blame all its problems on the EU. Rather then solving its own issues, on it’s own terms. This type of blame game is not only bad for the UK, but it is also bad for the EU as a whole. Both in the political sense of things, and in the spirit of common solutions that EU is build on.

So I have the following suggestion for the new government of UK, how is mostly likely is going to be Conservative Party government.

The suggestions is as follows.

Leave the EU. Do it, stop speaking about. Do what you have been treating for years now. It is your right according to the Lisbon Treaty to leave the EU. Nobody is stopping you now.

The reason why I suggest this is quite simple. I have grown tiered of the UK people complaining about EU and blaming EU for UK only problems. This complains has to stop, the best way for it to stop is for UK to leave the EU. I am sure that nobody is going to think badly of UK if it choose to re-apply for EU membership few years (10 or 20 years) after leaving the EU.