El Hierro volcano update at 01:25 UTC

This is a short update on El Hierro volcano.

Yesterday from around 21:50 UTC to around 23:00 UTC there was a earthquake swarm in El Hierro volcano. The strongest earthquake swarm this time around had the magnitude 4.1 with the depth of around 20 km. Many magnitude 3.0+ did take place in this earthquake swarm. I do not know how well this earthquake swarm was felt in El Hierro Island. But it looks like the earthquake swarm is getting a bit closer to the El Hierro Island again. But a lot at the moment. But the movement is there in my opinion.

Earthquake activity in El Hierro volcano during the day of 28.03.2013. Copyright of this image belongs to IGN.

What is also interesting now is the lack of activity between earthquake episodes. This suggests that magma has found a clear path to flow around inside El Hierro volcano most of the time. That is only a theory at best. Since it is really hard to know for sure what is actually happening in El Hierro volcano. The risk of a eruption remains the same. Same goes for a risk of small land slides in El Hierro Island due to this earthquake activity. Along with risk of falling rocks from rock belts in El Hierro Island. It is in my view dangerous to get close to them at present time. Since earthquake activity takes place at random time and with little to no warning at all.

It is also important fact that even if there is high activity now. There might be a long period of quiet between them. This has happened before. Since the high activity periods are like this according to the data that I collect from IGN. June – July 2012, September 2012, January 2013 (minor), March 2013 (ongoing). So far the current activity in El Hierro volcano shows no signs of slowing down. But that might change without warning at any time. Same goes for higher activity as I have mentioned here before. There is a risk of high earthquake activity without a warning in El Hierro volcano.

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