Quiet in Europe at the moment

It is currently quiet in Europe at the moment. In terms of earthquakes. Normal volcano activity remains. Mostly in Etna and Stromboli volcanoes in Italy.

Any large earthquakes (larger then magnitude 5.0) are currently not taking place at the moment. But several earthquakes with magnitude 4.0 to 4.5 have taken place in Greece in past few days. That is normal. But Greece is highly active area in terms earthquake activity. Regular micro-earthquake activity has been taking place in Europe. There have been some minor earthquakes taking place in El Hierro volcano in the past few days. But activity is down to normal background levels in El Hierro volcano for the moment. When it is going to pick up again is hard to say for sure. But based on past experience. It might happen in about 4 to 8 months time (or around that).

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