Editorial change on this website

There is a lot of websites about space on the internet. What I find missing from this are websites that speak about what might be out there, possibilities and theories. That is the reason why I have not written on anything on this website for past eight months. I’ve been thinking what I should do about this website. I have finally made up my mind.

I am going to write about theoretical ideas about space. What might be out there and what things might be. Since this is theoretical website about space I am going to be less limited what we already know about space and what it contains. It is going to take a while until I get my first subject ready, I am working on it currently and I don’t know yet when it is going to be ready for publishing.

This website is not dead, it however has been hibernating for past eight months as do many other websites that I run today.

Not closing down this blog

I have changed my mind. I am not going to close down this blog. However I am going to change it. Rather then post about what is happening about space. I am going to post my thoughts about space and what it might be holding. So that means it is not going to be a news carrying blog site most of the time. Rather this is going to be a blog about space as I see it. I am not going to change the name. I like it as it is.

I have removed the older blog post about closing down this blog.

Blog post schedule

I am going to post one new blog post on this blog a month if I can do so. As I am going to do with Falkland Island geology blog. I should be able to do so most of the time. This one month blog posts are going to be long and informative as possible. At least I am going to make every effort in making that a reality.

New direction for this space blog

When I started this space blog I had a small idea what I was doing. However, I have found that the problem with running this space blog is that what I want to write about has already been written about. Then on other space blogs that are on the internet.

For that reason I am going to push this space blog in different direction. What direction I am not sure yet. But one idea is more theory or idea space blog. Along with something else (I don’t know yet what).

So stay tuned. This blog is not dead yet.

Sorry for lack of blog posts. Work in Progress

I am sorry for lack of blog posts on the Spacewatch blog. But currently this blog is a work in progress for me. I am still trying to figure out how to be different from every other space web site out there. So this blog is currently a work in progress for me. While that is, there might be lack of blog posts.

But I have also been busy with school and my other two blogs. But I have started to organize my writing work around my blog. As I have decided that is going to be my job from now on. Along with publishing e-books and print books (few books and maybe popular e-books later on if any of my books become popular).

So I am sorry for lack of blog posts on Spacewatch blog. But I am going to change that and write more blog posts here. But about what I am going to write is the big question that I am still wondering about for the moment.

New blog is up and running

This is a new blog of mine about a hobby that I have. This time it is about space, solar storms and what ever is out there in the big empty place that we call space. I am currently working on setting this blog up. So stuff is going to appear here slowly and with time. As it takes time to build up a new blog.

I currently do not have any hardware to monitor space. But my plan is to build and buy hardware to monitor what is going on space. Until that happen I am going to relay on what I can find on the internet. But that means a delay in information about space.

But it is important to know that I do not intend this blog to be as active as my Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog, or my main Icelandic blog. What actual posting rates are going to be however is a question at current time. But I am going to do my best until I get my own hardware up and running, but that might take a good long while until that happens.

Blog post updated at 05:23 UTC 13, August 2011.