Sorry for lack of blog posts. Work in Progress

I am sorry for lack of blog posts on the Spacewatch blog. But currently this blog is a work in progress for me. I am still trying to figure out how to be different from every other space web site out there. So this blog is currently a work in progress for me. While that is, there might be lack of blog posts.

But I have also been busy with school and my other two blogs. But I have started to organize my writing work around my blog. As I have decided that is going to be my job from now on. Along with publishing e-books and print books (few books and maybe popular e-books later on if any of my books become popular).

So I am sorry for lack of blog posts on Spacewatch blog. But I am going to change that and write more blog posts here. But about what I am going to write is the big question that I am still wondering about for the moment.