Being a city person and from a rural area

I don’t see many articles about this on the internet. I see a lot of articles from people that hate the city and what it brings. They want to stay out in the wilderness where no other people are and they can go mad on their own without anyone noticing. For most of my life I have been living in small towns and out in the country side. The problem with small town and living in the country side is that you don’t meet anyone for a long time and the problem in small towns is that everyone knows what you are doing and who you are meeting if you are meeting anyone. It also allows for quicker isolation of individuals if you are a unpopular person as was and is the case with me.

When I got to a big city I feel like I am at home. This oddly does not apply to Reykjavík area (and the Capital area of Iceland), for me that looks just like a spread out village and I don’t get any city feeling from it. For the past 6,5 years (total) I have been living in Denmark but in areas with small population and for me that just hasn’t been working out for me. Both in terms of money (because Denmark is expensive and taxes are high), but also because I am living in a low population area I have hard time meeting and knowing new people. I don’t like being a lone because the social factor in me is strong and has always remained strong, even if I did learn otherwise while I was a kid. In Iceland it seems to be common to teach kids that living in small villages and in the country side is the best and nothing compares to it. That is a myth in my view and has over the years made many people unhappy and sad. I don’t want to be that person so I am now planning to move to a big city after living few years in Iceland after moving back from Denmark (the reason I am doing that is I can’t afford moving directly from Denmark to Germany due the financial situation I currently am in).

I get the feeling that I am going to feel and hopefully do great in Frankfurt Am Main once I move there. I am not sure when that happens but it is going to be in next few years once I have fixed my financial situation.

Economists problem with the Euro

Joseph Stiglitz is an economists and a major opponent of the Euro, even if he claims to love it in some interviews. He also doesn’t know what is going on and from the evidence, never has known what is going on when it comes to the Euro. The Euro exist to make business in Europe (European Union) more simple and easier, the earlier situation when each nation had its own currency would not work properly for the single market and in the long-term was unstandable. Something had to be done and the Euro was the solution. What most don’t release is that the Euro had existed long before it changed name and became a actual currently. Before the Euro became the Euro, it was known as European Currency Unit (ECU), as such it was not a real currency, but rather used to account for EU budget at the time.

The Euro is the second largest currency in the world, right after the U.S Dollar. Saying that it is going to fail, like Joseph Stiglitz does makes no sense at all. If the Euro would fall, like is suggested by Joseph Stiglitz one thing would happen, the mother of all depression would start in the world economics and the global system would fail in a catastrophic way.

Joseph Stiglitz is also wrong when he says that the Euro has not yet succeeded. It has been a success, even after bankers tried to ruin it few years ago (along with the rest of the world economy). That was not the EU or the Euro fault, that was the bankers fault, a group of people that Joseph Stiglitz avoids criticizing at all from what I can tell. Since it is the bankers fault the current economic mess we are in at the moment, when there gamble collapsed in 2008 at great cost for most of the world countries. None of the major players in this crash has ever been held accountable for their actions and they have also stopped reformed completely or limited it.

It is clear that Joseph Stiglitz is looking at things the wrong way. He is blaming the Euro for what is and always has been the bankers fault. He is also clearly believes that unstable minor currencies are better then large stable ones that can better absorb a economic shock following a failed bankers gamble.

What is also clear is that the Euro is not going to collapse in 2017. What might however happen is the carrier of Joseph Stiglitz might crumble into oblivion.

1: Why 2017 Could See the Collapse of the Euro (
2: Joseph Stiglitz, the euro’s jilted lover (

Fascist media in the U.S today

So I’m reading about the Neo-Nazi media that goes under the name “Breidbart”, this “news” website has now declared war on Kellogg’s because the company decided that it had enough of the propaganda and the false lies this website is spreading about people, religion and other things on the internet. This website appears to be one of the main sources for fake news that are making the rounds these days.

What this people don’t realise is that Kellogg company is huge, just in the year 2013 it made 14.792 billion U.S dollars. That’s higher then some countries total GDP over the whole year. That’s how big it is, it is also clear that this is just a revenge because the ultra-right, the neo-Nazi groups and other such people go on a revenge rampage when someone doesn’t follow their orders and their ideas or way of thinking. Freedom for this people doesn’t exist and has never existed. Blackmailing and threats however do and always have existed.

This group of people, regardless where they are on the radical spectrum have one thing in common. They all want to remove opposition, freedom of speech and chose and anything on this line. What is worse, some of this people are going to go into the White House on January 20th 2017. If this is the response to one company because it choose not to advertise on a fascist “news” website. I fear what they are going to do once they are in the White House with whole lot of power and people at the command. I hope that someone stops them, but I fear that it might not happen in the long run.

Donald Trump means unprecedented corruption in the White House

Donald Trump, the president-elect of the United States has not wasted any time in setting up what appears to be the most corruptive government in the history of the United States. This can already be seen by who he is selecting in his transition team before he takes office on January-20 2017.

News coverage on this issue

Trump Names His Kids, Who Are Supposedly Going to Run His Business via “Blind Trust,” to White House Team (Slate)
Trump transition team a family affair (Nashville Herald)

Donald Trump has also been in contact with one of the UK most biggest ass-holes. Nigel Farage that most known for never showing up at work in the EU parliament. That man is also corrupt to the bone and one of the reason why UK is going to leave the EU in 2019 at the earliest.

Farage first UK politician to meet Trump since election (BBC News)

This already is a disaster and it’s only going to get worse from now on.

Donald Trump is going to make his rich friends richer

It is clear that Donald Trump is going to make more people in the U.S poor and fewer people more rich. This is no coincidence, that is going to be the system that Donald Trump is going to set-up in the United State, this type of corruption is going to be difficult to get rid of once it has been established in the circle of powers. What is also clear is that the economy policy of Donald Trump is going to create a problem for the common people in the U.S and as I say, it is going to make them a lot poorer in the long run. Trade policies, economy policy, foreign policy and other issues that are all complicated matters that Donald Trump has no experience in, since Donald Trump has no political experience at all. He has limited experience as CEO of his bankrupt companies, casinos, running that is nothing like running a complex system like a country.

Donald Trump is going to fail in this and he is going to fail hard when it happens. How big and hard that failure is going to depend on what he does in office and that can’t be predicted, but this means a big problem for the world but a lot more trouble for the U.S and the people that live there. The rest of the world should and needs to prepare for that failure, because it is going to be felt globally once it happens.

What is going to happen in Donald Trump first presidency

The fact is that Donald Trump is going to be the president of the United States of America on January 20th, 2017. At best nothing too terrible (but it’s still going to be awful) is going to happen during the next four years, at worst everything will go to hell and then it will get worse. Whatever the outcome depends on what happens, but the signs so far are not good at all.

It clear, at least in my view that Donald Trump is going to service his own agenda first and the U.S second (maybe the third). I guess most things are going get stuck in the U.S congress, both houses for a long time and that is going to create all manners of problems. The Office of U.S President has considerable power in several fields that I suspect that is where Donald Trump is going to use his power for his own gain. Unlike many countries, this is not just a figurehead or ceremonial office, it has real power besides vetoing law bills from congress. That power is now up for abuse and corruption and that is going to happen, on how big of a scale and how badly is not possible to know, but it is going to happen.

At worst Donald Trump is going to start a recession in the U.S, I don’t think the rest of the world is going to be too much affected due to the 2008 recession and the safeguards the EU for instance has put in place. It is going to be a major inconvenience for many countries and the EU. Russia economy would not survive such event at all, regardless of ideas otherwise.

As for Donald Trump promises, he won’t do any of them, none, zero, 0. That process has already started as reported [warning!Auto play video in this news] by The Independence (UK) news website. From the day Donald Trump takes office on January 20th, 2017 and until the day he leaves office (one way or an other) it is going to be nothing but corruption and scandals. How big and how bad remains to be seen, but the wait is not going to be long.

The beauty contest Miss Grand International takes passports of participants illegally

For the back story into this story please read here (Reykjavík Grapevine) and here (Ví Magazine).

It seems that the beauty contest Miss Grand International (Wikipedia, information might not be fully accurate or up to date) [Information about the 2016 contest can be found here on Wikipedia] takes hold of passports of the girls how are taking part in it. According to the news in Icelandic here (Ví it took Arna Ýr Jóns­dótt­ir a lot of effort to get her Icelandic Passport back as the owners of Miss Grand International demanded US$3000 for the release of the passport. It was only after security guards got involved they released the passport without payment for it. Since the security guards (according to the news) explained to the owners of Miss Grand International that holding the passport like this was in fact illegal and they released after they threatened to get to police in Los Angles involved into this case. The owner of Miss Grand International is Nawat Itsaragrisil (Wikipedia, information might not be fully accurate or up to date).

It is illegal to hold passports like this and demand money for their release. Nobody can be forced to release their passport to contest like this, as passport are form of ID and they often hold information like VISA clearance and other things that are necessary if people need to identify them with authorities. They should never be in the hands of beauty contest owners like is happening here. Since I’m sure this is not a isolated incident, what I’m also sure is that other contesters passports have been taken until the end of the beauty contest (26-October-2016). What I’m sure of is that authorities in the U.S need to investigate this behaviour and beauty contest, since taking people passport from them is illegal and demanding money for the passport return is even more illegal.