Fascist media in the U.S today

So I’m reading about the Neo-Nazi media that goes under the name “Breidbart”, this “news” website has now declared war on Kellogg’s because the company decided that it had enough of the propaganda and the false lies this website is spreading about people, religion and other things on the internet. This website appears to be one of the main sources for fake news that are making the rounds these days.

What this people don’t realise is that Kellogg company is huge, just in the year 2013 it made 14.792 billion U.S dollars. That’s higher then some countries total GDP over the whole year. That’s how big it is, it is also clear that this is just a revenge because the ultra-right, the neo-Nazi groups and other such people go on a revenge rampage when someone doesn’t follow their orders and their ideas or way of thinking. Freedom for this people doesn’t exist and has never existed. Blackmailing and threats however do and always have existed.

This group of people, regardless where they are on the radical spectrum have one thing in common. They all want to remove opposition, freedom of speech and chose and anything on this line. What is worse, some of this people are going to go into the White House on January 20th 2017. If this is the response to one company because it choose not to advertise on a fascist “news” website. I fear what they are going to do once they are in the White House with whole lot of power and people at the command. I hope that someone stops them, but I fear that it might not happen in the long run.