Donald Trump is going to make his rich friends richer

It is clear that Donald Trump is going to make more people in the U.S poor and fewer people more rich. This is no coincidence, that is going to be the system that Donald Trump is going to set-up in the United State, this type of corruption is going to be difficult to get rid of once it has been established in the circle of powers. What is also clear is that the economy policy of Donald Trump is going to create a problem for the common people in the U.S and as I say, it is going to make them a lot poorer in the long run. Trade policies, economy policy, foreign policy and other issues that are all complicated matters that Donald Trump has no experience in, since Donald Trump has no political experience at all. He has limited experience as CEO of his bankrupt companies, casinos, running that is nothing like running a complex system like a country.

Donald Trump is going to fail in this and he is going to fail hard when it happens. How big and hard that failure is going to depend on what he does in office and that can’t be predicted, but this means a big problem for the world but a lot more trouble for the U.S and the people that live there. The rest of the world should and needs to prepare for that failure, because it is going to be felt globally once it happens.