Being a city person and from a rural area

I don’t see many articles about this on the internet. I see a lot of articles from people that hate the city and what it brings. They want to stay out in the wilderness where no other people are and they can go mad on their own without anyone noticing. For most of my life I have been living in small towns and out in the country side. The problem with small town and living in the country side is that you don’t meet anyone for a long time and the problem in small towns is that everyone knows what you are doing and who you are meeting if you are meeting anyone. It also allows for quicker isolation of individuals if you are a unpopular person as was and is the case with me.

When I got to a big city I feel like I am at home. This oddly does not apply to Reykjav√≠k area (and the Capital area of Iceland), for me that looks just like a spread out village and I don’t get any city feeling from it. For the past 6,5 years (total) I have been living in Denmark but in areas with small population and for me that just hasn’t been working out for me. Both in terms of money (because Denmark is expensive and taxes are high), but also because I am living in a low population area I have hard time meeting and knowing new people. I don’t like being a lone because the social factor in me is strong and has always remained strong, even if I did learn otherwise while I was a kid. In Iceland it seems to be common to teach kids that living in small villages and in the country side is the best and nothing compares to it. That is a myth in my view and has over the years made many people unhappy and sad. I don’t want to be that person so I am now planning to move to a big city after living few years in Iceland after moving back from Denmark (the reason I am doing that is I can’t afford moving directly from Denmark to Germany due the financial situation I currently am in).

I get the feeling that I am going to feel and hopefully do great in Frankfurt Am Main once I move there. I am not sure when that happens but it is going to be in next few years once I have fixed my financial situation.