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Few right and wrong things about geology in Iceland, part 1

I have seen many speculations on how geology works in Iceland. Some of it is good and based on observation and factual basic. Other however is nothing but speculation and far from anything based on factual evidence on how geology … Continue reading

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Earthquake swarm north of Langjökull glacier and volcano, new hole found in Selfoss town

This is a short update. Langjökull glacier: Yesterday there was a minor earthquake swarm north of Langjökull glacier and volcano. This area did last time was last year when a good sized earthquake swarm did happen in this area, but … Continue reading

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Possible minor eruption in Hamarinn volcano yesterday. Update on Katla volcano

There appears to be more in this new hydrothermal activity in Hamarinn volcano then at first sight. It seems that this actually might have a eruption in Hamarinn volcano (Bárðarbunga volcano). If this event is confirmed, this is the first … Continue reading

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New harmonic tremor detected. But it is not from Katla volcano

Some other and unknown volcano dedicated to join the spotlight in Iceland by starting making it’s own harmonic tremor. I do not yet know what volcano this is. But most likely it is the Hamarinn volcano. But that is part … Continue reading

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Something odd is going on at Krýsuvík volcano [speculation]

Please note! What goes below here are speculations based on what I am observing. Nothing might happen, but then again something might happen. We just have to wait and see what happens when it comes down to it. I have … Continue reading

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Good chance of Krísuvík volcano eruption in immanent future

I have been viewing data on Krísuvík volcano and what has been happening recently. Out of this checking I have come to a conclusion that a eruption in Krísuvík volcano is going to place in immanent future. When that might … Continue reading

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Signs that a eruption in Grímsfjall volcano might be close

Over the past two weeks there have been signs appearing that a eruption might be close in Grímsfjall volcano. But a GPS station named Skrokkalda. This GPS station has started to move north, but this indicates that inflation has started … Continue reading

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Are Esjufjöll volcano starting to inflate ?

I have been monitoring the GPS station at Grímsfjall volcano. After the earthquakes that took place in Esjufjöll volcano few weeks ago something interesting started to happen at that GPS station. It started to move in north direction. Due to … Continue reading

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