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Bárðarbunga volcano one year ago

One year ago activity in Bárðarbunga volcano was increasing, the week before a constant earthquake swarm had been taking place in the volcano. I had planned to write about that earthquake swarm that had been taking place, that never happened … Continue reading

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The rate of eruptions in Iceland

It is a common misconception that eruptions take place in Iceland every 4 to 5 years. That is the average number of years between eruptions. The actual picture of the eruption rate in Iceland is far from this simple. Eruption … Continue reading

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50 years since Surtsey island erupted

On the 14-November-1963 an eruption started off the south coast of Iceland. This eruption lasted for several years, starting on 14-November-1963 and ending on 5-June-1967. This new island was later known as Surtsey. This eruption was an start of eruption … Continue reading

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Comparison of volcano eruptions

When there is nothing going on in Iceland. It is good to prepare for the future by checking out what has happened in the past. Here is a comparison of harmonic tremor data from few past eruptions. I only have … Continue reading

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List of known eruptions in Grímsfjall volcano and connected volcanoes

Here is an list of eruptions in Grímsfjall volcano and Þórðarhyrna volcano based on data from Global Volcanism Program and documented eruptions. In most cases, eruptions that took place in the early 10 to 16th century are poorly documented if … Continue reading

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Historical eruption of Grímsfjall volcano of the year 1783 to 1785

The year 1783 is something that is going to live in historical memory of the Icelandic people for long time to come. The historical memory of Icelanders still remember the eruption of Laki that took place 229 years ago. This … Continue reading

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Short overview of volcano eruptions in Canary Islands

Here is an short overview of volcano activity in Canary Islands during the past 1000 years. But I do not want to go any more back in time. But this is similar to what I did about Iceland few months … Continue reading

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Few right and wrong things about geology in Iceland, part 1

I have seen many speculations on how geology works in Iceland. Some of it is good and based on observation and factual basic. Other however is nothing but speculation and far from anything based on factual evidence on how geology … Continue reading

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One year since the second phase of Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption started

When the Hawaiian phase of the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull volcano finished many people did believe and think that the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull volcano was over for a long time. But they where to proven wrong about 23:30 UTC on the … Continue reading

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A short history of volcano eruptions in Iceland

Here is a short list of known eruptions in Iceland since the year 900 (or around that time). There might be missing eruptions because of lack of historical data. This list might not be completed from the reference that I … Continue reading

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