All quiet in Iceland at the moment

It has been quiet in Iceland, so quiet in fact that for 7-July-2013 there was only one earthquake recorded on the automatic SIL system. There were more earthquakes recorded on the manual review system that Icelandic Meteorological Office has.

All quiet in Iceland. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

I do not know how long this quiet time is going to last. Currently it is counting on around 4 weeks at the moment and it appears that the peak is today (so far). When this might change I do not know. I am using this quiet time to enjoy little bit of summer, even if I am broke (little to no money to use) at the moment.

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    Its quiet on Iceland, but in Norway, we have had some action, sofar 7 jøkulhlaups in a short time 🙂
    Its not quite normal to have these in our parts of Norway, but as its been raining a lot and glaciers melts faster than usual it just have to happen,

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