Deflation has stopped in Bárðarbunga volcano

According to a short news today on Rúv it appears that Bárðarbunga volcano has stopped deflating and activity is slowing down in new hydrothermal vents that opened up during the most active period of Bárðarbunga volcano. The rift activity that has started in this region of Iceland is not over yet, even if there is nothing happening at current time.

It is impossible to know when next period of eruptions starts in this area. Until then it is going to remain mostly quiet.

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Sigið í Bárðarbungu er hætt (Rú

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    1. Yes, the got one good day with the weather and used to check up on Bárðarbunga volcano. They flew over it and measured it by radar signal.

  1. A possible swarm somewhere between Vatnafjoll and Torfajokull. Could be mid to deep one.

    1. I did make a phone call to Icelandic Met Office about that. This was a minor earthquake swarm in that area. Mostly earthquakes in the range of -1,0 and up to 1,0 or so. The source of those earthquakes was changes in hydrothermal systems in Torfajökull volcano, at least that was the idea about what was going on.

      This type of activity is common in Torfajökull volcano.

    1. Thanks again, 🙂

      That’s a 7 1/2 minute delay in arrival time from Crete to Iceland.

      Another 5.1 mag EQ off Crete at 2:05 hits the Iceland drum plots at 2:13

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