Glacier flood from Mýrdalsjökull glacier is over (Katla volcano)

Icelandic Met Office announced that this morning that the glacier flood from Mýrdalsjökull glacier is now over. No earthquakes have been detected in Katla volcano during the last 12 hours. Conductivity is now going back to normal levels.

Earthquake activity in Katla volcano during the last 48 hours. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Colour code level of Katla volcano remains at yellow level and won’t be changed to green until sometimes next week. While this glacier flood is over Katla volcano has shown that activity can start again without warning. For now Katla volcano is quiet and no glacier flood happening.

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36 Responses to Glacier flood from Mýrdalsjökull glacier is over (Katla volcano)

  1. geraldo says:

    Seismos are ongoing.
    I believe Bardarbunga will rumble soon
    God bless you

  2. Pyter says:

    2.1 99.0 8.5 km ENE of Goðabunga

  3. geraldo says:

    How is possible this enormous change in a short time?
    Iceland is very interesting really.

  4. Jenneke says:

    I hope I don’t post this double. I am having some troubles with the Captcha lately. But I keep seeing little spikes in the tremor, although the weather seems fine. And yet no earthquakes… Is this just background noise Jón?

    • The spikes are mostly normal. I am my self seeing slightly thicker events that suggests some type of pulse activity happening.

      Can you describe the problems with captcha? I don’t think it is anything on my side that is resulting in this issue.

  5. Jenneke says:

    On my iPad I had a empty page after filling in the Captcha. The second time it worked fine. And yesterday I had to draw a line which was not possible on my iPad… Maybe it is my iPad…
    What thicker events do you mean Jón? Can you see that in the tremor? Thanks!

    • I am afraid my website is not mobile or iPad friendly. I am searching for a solution that doesn’t involve a lot of change to my website layout. I have not found it.

      Thicker evens in the tremor are slightly lower and longer spikes that appear sometimes on the tremor plot. I don’t know if that was human made noise or something happening in Katla volcano.

  6. Z says:

    Alftagrof (ALF) – plus some more Myrdalsjökull stations – show low tremor-like activity during the day and is still going. There seems to have been practically no wind today.

    Any comments?

  7. William Gunning says:

    Jon there is a slight pattern appearing in some stations

  8. Larry says:

    Mostly stations in the western parts of iceland are showing a sharp increase on the low frequency.

    • Just background noise. What you are looking for is activity as it appeared on 29-July-2017. Anything else is just background noise or some random pattern that doesn’t matter (or just some changes in the hydrothermal activity in Katla volcano).

  9. Z says:

    William + Larry
    What stations are you referring to? I can’t see anything special, apart from the stuff I wrote about Alftagrof.

  10. William Gunning says:

    Alf and God

  11. Saara R says:

    That event yesterday at Alf looks interesting. In general, those small pulse-like things seem to have started to happen here and there. Subtle, but still another novelty. On some stations the pulses are clearer, but something is visible in each station’s (Aus, God, Sly, Hvo, Alf) highpass graph. What could this be?
    In other news, conductivity in Múlakvisl has started to rise again though it’s still under 200. Otherwise, everything seems quiet. Interesting.

  12. David Cook says:

    Massive quakes rock BB. 3.4, 3.8 and 4.4 in swift succession. Time for a new article Jón, immediately!

  13. Jan says:

    Wednesday 02.08.2017 11:24:08 64.950 -17.270 13.8 km 4.5 50.5 6.0 km N of Trölladyngja
    Wednesday 02.08.2017 11:24:08 64.843 -16.950 10.3 km 3.8 90.02 14.0 km ENE of Kistufell

  14. Trudy R says:

    Is there a web cam for BB these days?

  15. Trudy R says:

    Is there a web cam on BB these days?

  16. ohnoes112 says:

    Bárðarbunga is playing catch up after its recent step away from the limelight. Start incoming!

  17. It is unusual to see the earthquake where the magnitude 3,0 earthquake took place. I’m not sure if depth of 49,5 km is correct. If that is correct depth, that is a new level of depth.

  18. Iceland Met Office has updated that earthquake to magnitude 4,5 at depth of 49,1 km.

  19. Guga says:

    No 49,1km…

    02.08.2017 11:24:10 64.671 -17.439 0.9 km 4.2 99.0 5.5 km NE of Bárðarbunga

    • ohnoes112 says:

      IMO revised it again (4.6 now) Wednesday
      02.08.2017 11:24:10 64.671 -17.439 0.9 km 4.6 99.0 5.5 km NE of Bárðarbunga

  20. Thomas Spencer says:

    2.4 now 4.3km NE of Bárðarbunga

  21. William Gunning says:

    Jon that was an interesting quake at God earlier at depth of 6.1km

  22. Sorry for the lack of update. I’ve had a busy day outside of writing and then I got a headache and what seems to be a problem with my memory today (I forgot things far too easy and a lot faster than is normal).

    I hope to have an article on Bárðarbunga volcano in few hours. There is a slight tremor change taking place in Katla volcano. I don’t know yet if that is anything to worry about.

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