Nafir volcano (TFZ) update at 17:45 UTC on 20-February-2018

Information in this article is going to get outdated quickly.

Currently there activity in Nafir volcano in the TFZ has quieted down since yesterday. Only one earthquake with the magnitude 3,0 has been detected since midnight. This earthquake swarm is ongoing as is even if it is just making smaller earthquakes at the moment. There has not been many earthquakes with magnitude above 2,0 since midnight. Most earthquakes currently happening are earthquakes with magnitudes below 2,0.

Current earthquake activity in Nafir volcano, TFZ. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Current earthquake activity is not that dense at the moment. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Currently there is extremely bad weather on the way to Iceland. That weather might have an effect on detection of small earthquakes in Tjörnes Fracture Zone and other parts of Iceland.

If anything happens I’ll update this article.

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11 Responses to Nafir volcano (TFZ) update at 17:45 UTC on 20-February-2018

  1. Jack McIlveen says:

    Thanks for the update Jon. For some reason the IMO site is off line today so maybe keep us posted thanks.

  2. Eva says:

    Thank you! The english Side is still down. It is also a great number of earthquakes today

  3. WurzelDave says:

    English site still down.

  4. Jim Verschooten says:

    I was wondering:
    – why was the rest of Iceland so calm during this swarm,, almost no earthquakes ?
    – did a plane or boat check out that local spot, Nafir ?
    Thanks !

  5. zyfly says:

    Anyone watching the quake swarm going on over in Yellowstone (Montana). I haven’t look at trending data, but it seems the swarms are more frequent and contain larger quakes.

    • Adrian says:

      It’s normal thing in Yellowstone from time to time. In the last 600000 years was thousands swarms, and nothing happened then. It’s interesting anyway.

  6. Espenb says:

    Myrdalsjøkul has removed all the eq. Some tec problems?

  7. Jarl says:

    What’s up with our friend Hengill?

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